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Unit6-Social Issues

Spanish GCSE - AQA - Theme 2

arreglar to tidy, to fix, to arrange
ayudar to help
el banco de alimentos food bank
charlar to chat
el comedor social soup kitchen
el concurso competition
cultivar to grow, to cultivate
disfrutar to enjoy
ecologista environmental
la gente mayor old people
hogar home
limpiar to clean
marcar (un gol) to score ( a goal)
necesitado needed, required
los necesitados the needy
la organización benéfica charitable organisation, charity
participare (en) to take part ( in)
pasarlo bien to have a good time
la residencia de ancianos old people's home
los 'sin techos' the homeless
el Tercer Mundo the Third World
la tienda confines benéficos / tienda solidaria charity shop
el/la voluntario/a volunteer
¿Quieres ser voluntario/a? Do you want to be a volunteer?
Me gustaría ayudar I would like to help
agradecer to thank
aprender to learn
el asombro amazement, surprise
contar (que) to tell, to relate
el curso school year, course
los/las demás the otehrs/ the rest
esperar to wait for, to hope, to expect
formar parte to be part (of)
hacer la cama to make the bed
el centro de menores tutelados children's home
el idioma language
inútil useless
el propósito aim, purpose
el objetivo objective
repartir to deliver, to hand out
tener sueño to be sleepy
útil useful
¿Comes bien? Do you eat well?
acostarse to go to bed
las bebidas alcohólicas alcoholic drinks
las bebidas azucaradas sugary drinks
borracho/a drunk
el dolor pain, ache
emborracharse to get drunk
evitar to avoid
glotón greedy
la grasa fat
grasiento/a fatty/greasy
intentar (+infinitive) to try to
el ladrón thief
malsano unhealthy
poco sano not healthy
musulmán Muslim
la ración portion
saludable healthy
sano healthy
¿Lleva una vida sana? Do you live a healthy life?
apetecer ( me apetece) to fancy, to feel like (I fancy)
aprobar (un examen) to pass (an exam)
el cigarrillo cigarette
conseguir (un trabajo) to get (a job)
el consejo advice
correr to run
la droga (blanda/dura) (soft/hard) drug
drogarse to take drugs
el ejercicio físico physical exercise
estar a dieta to be on a diet
el estrés stress
estresado/a stressed
estresante stressful, stressing
fumar to smoke
levantarse to get up
mantenerse en forma to keep fit
preocupar to worry
probar to try, to taste
receta recipe
sentirse to feel
superar to overcome
Created by: MZanotto



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