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matter test review


matter Matter is anything that has mass. Air, water, coffee, fire, human beings, and stars are matter. Light, X-rays, photons, gravitons, information, and love aren't matter.
homogeneous Having uniform properties or composition.
phase(state of matter) A phase is a part of a sample of matter that is in contact with other parts but is separate from them
physical property Measurement of a physical property may change the arrangement but not the structure of the molecules of a material
chemical property Measurement of a chemical property involves a chemical change
element An element is a substance composed of atoms with identical atomic number
compound A compound is a material formed from elements chemically combined in definite proportions by mass
specific gravity The mass of a unit volume of a substance relative to the mass of a unit volume of water.
malleable Capable of being hammered into sheets. Metals are typically malleable materials.
ductile Capable of being drawn into wire
solubility The solubility of a substance is its concentration in a saturated solution
conductivity Conductivity is the ability of a material to conduct electric current
elasticity the tendency of a body to return to its original shape after it has been stretched or compressed
brittleness firm but easily broken
density Mass of a substance per unit volume
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