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Simple Machines 2018

Gwinnett County Simple Machines 4th Grade

If a rolling marble bumps your foot and then rolls the other way, this is an example of: speed and direction
After winning a game, a baseball player throws his hat into the air. It comes down to the ground because of: gravity
Which of the following is work? Tossing fall leaves into a basket; holding a brush in your hand Tossing leaves into a basket.
Your teacher has a rolling chair. What would cause it to move: the force of gravity, or the force of your teacher pulling the chair? The force of your teacher pulling the chair causes it to move.
Anne rolled a Hot Wheels car three feet on the carpet and ten feet on the hardwood floor. She pushed it with the same force both times. Why did the the car roll further on the floor? The carpet tends to produce more friction than a smooth floor.
Why does a simple machine make work easier? Simple machines allow work to be done with less force.
A seesaw ("teeter-totter") is an example of a: lever
John rolls a six pound and a 12 pound bowling ball using the same force. Which ball rolls further? The lighter ball, six pounds, will move further and at a higher speed.
A crane is being used to lift a heavy container onto a ship. Which simple machine is represented by the rope of the chain? The rope of the crane runs through a pulley.
You are up to kick in a kickball game. The pitcher rolls a very slow pitch towards you. You kick the ball with all your might! What happens to the speed of the ball? The speed of the ball rapidly increases. Run for first base!
Your family buys a new washing machine. When the delivery truck arrives, the driver extends a ramp from the rear of the truck, and rolls the machine down the ramp. Which simple machine is the ramp? inclined plane
Why might someone use a lever to lift a heavy object? The lever is a simple machine. It requires less effort, force, or energy to move the object.
Do you need to push a Hot Wheels car in order to get it to roll down a ramp? Why or why not? You don't need to push the car because gravity will make it roll down the ramp.
On a freezing morning in January, you were walking into school, when suddenly your feet slipped out from under you and you landed on your rear end. Ouch! What causes people to slip on ice? Ice decreases the friction on surfaces. With less friction, you are more likely to slip and fall.
This simple machine is a rod through a round disc. wheel and axle
The tire on your car is an example of a wheel and _____. axle
Created by: briansegool