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7 Portfolio+Graffiti

Vocabulary and techniques for making the Art Portfolio w/ Graffiti Name Drawing.

The path of a moving point. Line
The quality or neatness of your work. Craftsmanship
A large flat case used to hold loose sheets of paper such as drawings. Portfolios
To represent something as larger, better, or worse than it really is. Exaggerate
An area that is contained by a line, value changes, or color changes. Shape
A style of art that is deliberate human markings on property. It is considered Illegal vandalism when done without the property owner's consent. Graffiti
An individual that creates graffiti art on buildings. Tagger
When modern day graffiti first started in the 1970's, a man named Demetrious tagged many surfaces around NYC with his nickname and address. What did that tag say? TAKI 183
What graffiti artist did we discover in this project? Martin Whatson
What are some qualities of graffiti art? Exaggerated letters, arrows, paint drips, and paint splatters.
How could you have shown good craftsmanship in the Graffiti Name Drawing? Have fresh sharpie lines, good solid coloring, and even blending of colors.
When blending colors together using colored pencils, what kind of pressure should you have? Heavy pressure where the color will show pure and light pressure where the color with mix or overlap with another color.
What tool can you use to help evenly blend your colored pencils together? Your eraser!
What Elements of Design did we focus on for this project? Line and Shape
What is a graffiti signature/design called? TAG
Created by: mhighfield