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mat 129

unit 1 exam

a letter that represents various numbers _____ Variable
A number on its own, or sometimes a letter that stands for a fixed number ____ Constant
Divide by 0? n/o
zero divide by something else? o/k
if divided by zero the answer is? undefined
two numbers whose products is 1 are called ____ reciprocals
five spots to the left of the decimal? ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands
four spots to the right of the decimal? tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths
medication solution larger-smaller/(divided by) starting value
what are the 5 med stages? 1.ordering/prescribing 2. transcribing and verifying 3.dispensing and delivering 4.administering 5. monitoring and reporting
the 6 rights of medication administration are? 1.person 2.medication 3.dose 4.time 5.route 6.documentation
a ___ is a chemical substance that acts on the physiological processes in the human body. drug
only ___ medication tabs/caps can be cut in half? scored
an ___ is an alcohol solution elixir
a ___ is a medication dissolved in a sugar and water solution. syrup
a ___ consists of an insoluble drug in a liquid base. suspension
schedule __ drugs have the highest potential for abuse. I
schedule ___ drugs are the those with the lowest potential for abuse. v
5^6×5^2 you do what with the exponents. Add them 6+2
6^5/6^3 you do what with exponents Minus 5-3
(2^2)^4 you do what with the exponents Times 2×4=8
(8×10^5)÷(4×10^2) is? 2×10^3
Epidural Spine
Intramuscular Muscle
Subcut Subcutaneous tissue
Iv Intravenous vein
Id Intradermal beneath the skin
Ic Cardiac muscle
Distance (d)= Rt (rate x time)
Quotient of, per ratio of, divisor, percent, split up is all words for Division
Is, are, were, was, will be, yields, sold for, is all words for Equals
The quantity of, twice the sum of, times the sum of, times the difference, plus the difference of, are all words for Parenthesis words
The product of 5 and a number 5x
Twice a number 2x
A number decreased by 3 X-3
A number increased by 2 X+2
The quotient of 4 and x 4/x
Three times the sum of a number and 7 3(x+7)
Rational numbers End
Irrational numbers Go on forever
Integers All whole numbers
Whole numbers 0 and all whole positive numbers
Natural All positive whole numbers (no 0)
-1^2 -1
(-1)^2 1
Reciprocal always make the number equal 1
Reciprocal of -8 is -1/8
Reciprocal of -4.7 is -10/47
Of means Multiply
Is means Equal
What or some equivalent is The unknown number
Fraction of change Change/ orginal
Percent of increases Amount of increase/ original amount
Percent of decrease Amount of decrease/ original amount
The ___ name of a drug is the offical accepted name of a drug listed in the usp Generic
The ___ of a drug indicates the amount of drug in a specific unit of measurement Dosage strength
Each drug has a unique identification number regulated by the food and drug administration this number is called National drug code ndc number
___ letters are uppercase letters used in a drug name to highlight the primary dissimilarities with look alike drug names Tallman
Medications are manufactured in the ____ of tablets, capsules, liquids, suppositories, creams, patches, and injectable medications Form
The ___ indicates the site of the body and method of drug delivery. Route
___ tablets are meant to dissolve in the intestine rather than stomach and should be swallowed whole Enteric coated
A ___ is a gelatin case containing a medication. Capsule
Liquid medications can also be administered __ into the gi tract via a specially placed tube Enterally
___ into the spinal column or space under the arachnoid membrane of the brain or spinal cord Intrathecal
___ are those that are administered through the skin or mucous membrane Cutaneous medication
__ on the skin surface Topical
___ in a patch or disk applied to the skin Transdermal
___ breathed into respiratory tract through nose or mouth Inhalation
___ applied to the mucosa of the eyes nose ears or mouth Solutions and ointments
___ shaped for insertion into a body cavity Suppositories
__ medications are those for which an early or late administration of greater than 30 minutes might cause harm Time critical
___ medications are those for which a longer or shorter interval of time since the prior dose does not significantly change the medications therapeutic effect or otherwise cause harm Non time critical
Gt Gastronomy tube
Iv Intravenous
Ivp Intravenous push
Ivpb Intravenous piggy back
Ngt Nasogastric tube
Peg Percutaneous endoscopicgastrostomy
Po By mouth
Pr By rectum
Sl Sublingual
Subcut Subcutaneous
Supp Suppository
Ac Before meals
Ad lib As desired
B.i.d 2x a day
H, hr Hour
Hs Bedtime
Pc After meals
Prn As necessary
Q Every hr
Q2h Every 2 hrs
Q.i.d 4x a day
Stat Immediately
T.i.d 3x day
C With
Cr Controlled release
Cap Capsule
D.a.w Dispense as written
Dr Delayed release
Er Extended release
G Gram
Gr Grain
Gtt Drop
Kg Kilogram
L Liter
La Long acting
Mcg Microgram
Mg Miligram
ML Mililiters
Nkda No known drug allergies
Npo Nothing by mouth
S Without
Sig Directions to patient
Susp Suspension
Sr Sustained release
t or tsp Teaspoon
T or tbs Tablespoon
Tab Tablet
Xl or xr Extended release
12in = __ft 1 ft
1yd = __ ft 3 ft
5,280ft= __ mi 1 mile
1ml= ___ mcgtt 60
1tsp= ____ drops (gtt) 60
1fl oz= ___ tbsp 2 tbsp
8fl oz = __ pt 1 pt
1pt= ___ cups 2 cups
1 cup= ___ oz 8 oz
1 qt= __ pt 2 pt
1 gal= ____ qt 4
1qt= ___ fl oz 32
1 gal= __ fl oz 128
1 tbsp = __ tsp 3
1 lb= __ oz 16
1 ton= ___ lb 2000
1 in = ___ cm 2.54
1yd= ___ km .91km
1 mile= __ km 1.61
1L is ___ qt 1.06
1 fl oz = ___ ml 30 ml
1kg = ____ lb 2.2 lb
A^0= 1
7^0= 1h
No - exponents must be Rewritten
M^-3 = 1/m^3
(-3)^-2= 1/ (-3)^2
1km = M? 1000m
1 cc or cm^3 = ml? 1 ml
1000ml= L? 1L
1kg = g? 1000 g
1g= mg? 1000 mg
1mg= mcg? 1000 mcg
1 tsp= ml? 5 ml
1cm= mm? 10 mm
size of pt x order = dose
F = ((C x 9) / 5)) + 32 or (9/5) C) + 32
C = ((F-32) x 5) / 9 or (5/9) (F-32)
the screw top needle is called a? luer lock
if there is 4 small between whole numbers such as a .5ML syringe the size is s 1/5 or .2
when there is 10 lines between whole numbers such as a 1ML syringe the size is 1/100 or .01
tuberculin syringes come in what sizes? .5, 1, 3
when there is 20 lines between whole numbers such as a 3ML the size is? 1/10 or .1
syringe sizes are 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 60
insulin is always represented as units
100 units is 1 ml
insulin syringes has even on side and odd on side? opposite sides
The ____ is the solid or liquid to be dissolved or diluted. solute
The ____ or ____ is the liquid that dissolves the solid solute or dilutes the liquid solute. solvent or diluent
The ____ is the liquid resulting from the combination of the solute and solvent solution
__ + ___ = solution solute + solvent
1 part solute in 2 parts solution as a ratio, fraction, and percent? 1:2, 1/2, 50%
1 part solute in 5 part solution as a ratio, fraction, and percent? 1:5, 1/5, 20%
strength= solute/ solution
wet solutes are normally? ML
dry solutes are normally? grams
5% potassium solution in 100ML is written as 5g/ 100 ML
250ml of 1/2% lysol .5ml/100ml and x/250ml = 100x=125 answer 1.25ml
20% mannitol want 2g of solution 2g x 100ml/20g = 200ml/20 = 10ml mannitol
An ____ is a glass container that holds a single dose of medication Ampule
A ___ is a glass or plastic container that has a rubber membrane on top Vial
Before some medications can be administered the powder (solute) must be diluted with a liquid (solvent or diluent) this process is called Reconstitution
4 steps to reconstitute 1. Inject the amount of diluent of air into sterile water 2. Flip bottle and withdrawl sterile water 3. Flip bottle Inject sterile water into medication 4. Flip bottle draw what's needed for order
Whats proper labeling for reconsituted vial (5) 1. Date and time 2. Strength of solution 3. Date and time of expiration 4. Storage directions 5. Initials
Heparin is always measured in Units
Heparin is what kinda drug Blood thinner
Heparin is a high alert drug so you always Round down
Orders for enternal feedings always indicate a volume of fluid to be infused over a period of time this is called a Flow rate
Infusion rates are always in Gtt/min or ml/hr
.9% nacl is Normal saline (ns)
.45% nacl is Half normal saline
.225% nacl is Quarter normal saline
D5w, d5/w, 5% dw, all is 5g Of dextrose in 100ml water
.9% nacl is 9g in 100ml
5% d/0.45% nacl is 5g dextrose and .45g nacl in 100ml solution
Manufacturers specify the number of drops that equal 1ml for their tubing this is called Drop factor
Flow rate= Volume (ml) /time (h)
Drops always get rounded to Whole numbers
.9% nacl 500ml iv at 125 ml/h how long will it take 500ml. 1h/125ml = 500/125 = 4 hrs
___ is the amount of fluid that enters the body Fluid intake
____ is the amount of fluid that leaves the body Fluid output
Dosage rate = Drug (mg)/ time (min)
___ provides continuous fluid to the pt Primary iv line
___ can be attached to primary lines at injection ports Secondary iv line
Volume = Ml/ Drug (mg)
1u= 1000mu
____ the process of adjusting the dosage of a medication based on pt response Titration
daily fluid maintenance formula for peds is 1st 10kg 100ml/kg 2nd 10kg 50ml/kg 3rd 20kg+ 20ml/kg
determine the 24 hr fluid requirement for 15kg peds pt 1250
determine the 24 hr fluid requirement for 35kg ped pt 1800
1:2 solution mixture how much pure solute will you have? 100ml solution 1ml solute/ 2ml solution = 50 ml solute
want 5% pink solution how much pure solute will you have? 100ml solution 5ml solute/ 100ml solution = 5 ml solute
For peds u always Round down
We do not mix peds medication in Essential foods or fluids
An order requires 80mg of drug im stat. Vial has 3 strengths after reconsitution (10mg/ml, 20mg/ml, 40mg/ml) determine required volume. Which is appropriate 80mg 1ml/10mg= 8ml 20mg=4ml 40mg=2ml so 40mg/ml is appropriate b/c it has lowest ml
Heparin 4,000 units subcut q12h. Drug label 5,000 per ml. How many ml? In what ml syringe? 4,000u 1ml/5,000u = .8ml Use 1ml syringe
D5w 125ml/h for 8h. Whats the solution? Rate of flow? Duration? S= 5% dextrose solution Rof= 125ml/h D=8 hrs
1ml= __ mcgtt 60
Ns 600ml iv infuse 5hrs stat. Pump setting? 600ml/5h = 120ml/h
Ns 600ml iv infuse 5hr stat. 120ml/h. 2 hrs later 330ml is left in bag recalculate pump. 330ml/3h = 110ml/h
Ns 600ml iv infuse 5hr stat. 120ml/h. 2 hrs later 330ml is left in bag recalculate pump to 110ml/h. Can not exceed 20% difference per facility. Can this be made? (120-110)/120 = 10/120 = .083x100 = 8.3% so yes!
For every 100ml of urine output, replace with 40ml water. Pt output is 300ml. What is replacement volume? 300ml (out) 40ml(in)/100ml(out) = 120ml(in)
A secondary line is referred to as a Piggyback or ivpb
Cimetidine 300mg ivpb q6h in 50ml ns infuse 20 min. What iv rate ml/min 50ml/20min = 2.5ml/min
Heparin 1,250 units/hr. Label= 100u/ml. What is infusion rate 1250u/hr 1ml/100u = 1250/100 = 12.5ml/hr
For diluenting medication what are the steps? 1. Calculate amount of drug (mlL 2. Add to w.e were diluting with 3. Find iv drop rate.
.15mg/kg pt=22kg vial=2mg/1ml. Give 1.65ml. Directions state to dilute in 50ml d5w and infuse in 15min. Df=10gtt/ml. What is the total liquid amount before infusion? 51.65ml
2.5mg/kg iv q12h infuse in 40ml d5w over 1h. Label=20mg/ml. Pt=26kg. Amount of medication is 65mg. What is iv pump in ml/h? 65mg 1ml/20mg = 65/20 = 3.25ml + 40ml d5w = 43.25ml/hr
children's daily maintenance 10kg x = 10kg x = 20+ x = 100, 50, 20
insulin half life is 13 minutes. PT is to receive 50ml in .9% NS. The strength is 2 units/ML. How many units is the pt receiving and whats the first 2 lines. 50ml 2u/1ml = 100u line 1 0hr-100u 13min-50u
4(2x+3y)-2(4x-5y) = 22y
10= z/4 times by 4... z/4 x 4 (4 cross out just left with z) 10 x 4 = 40. z=40
is the equation equals out then it has a solution.
solutions for equations are all real numbers
if the equation does not = ex: -6 = 0. then the answer is no solution
< or ( ) is open/ does not include the number
<_ (arrow with line under it) or [ ] means it includes number
>3 number is smaller than 3
<3 3 is the bigger number
if you divide by a - in an inequality then you flip the > sign
-2x < 6 is x> -3
x+5>9 is x>4
x-3<4 is x < 7
for graphing you count quads left down right. like a C 1, 2, 3, 4
quad one is (+, +)
quad 2 is ( -, + )
quad 3 is (-, - )
quad 4 is (+, - )
pairs (3,7) and (0,1) y=2x+1 1st point is (3,7) second point is ( 0, 1). ex. 2 (3) + 1 =7
for y intercept y= mx+b
y intercept is (0,b)
x intercept is (a, 0)
y axis is up and down (vertical)
x axis is across (horizontal)
the __is the difference of the y-values of two points on a line rise
the ___ is the difference in the x-values of two points on a line run
the ___ of a line is the ratio of rise to run for any two points on the line. slope
slope= rise/run or change in y/ change and x
zero slope is flat horizontal y=b
undefined slope is straight vertical x=a
to find the slope when given 2 points the equation is y2-y2/ x2-x1
the m in y=mx+b is the slope
the b in the y=mx+b is the y intercept
to find the equation of the line the equation is y-y1=m(x-x1)
to make an equation from 2 points you do 1. y2-y1/x2-x1 and then y-y1=m(x-x1)
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