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a to, at
aburrida boring
accidentalmente accidentally
adónde to where
adornar to adorn
agresivo/a aggressive
ahora now
aquí here
atención attention
atractiva attractive
atrevido/a bold, daring
autobuses buses
ay oh
beso kiss
bruja witch
calavera skull, poem
calaveras de dulce sugar skulls
calma calmness
campo field, countryside
canciones songs
capítulo chapter
celebración celebration
cementerio cemetery
Cielito Lindo popular Mexican song
cierto true
clima climate
cómo how
cofre chest
colores colors
comentario commentary
comunicación communication
conflictivo quarrelsome
conflictos conflicts
confusa confused
continúa continues
conversaciones conversations
corazones hearts
cruelmente cruelly
cuando when
cueva cave
curiosidad curiosity
curioso/a curious
decoraciones deocrations
deportista athletic
descripción description
deshonesto dishonest
después after
detrás behind
diagrama diagram
difícil difficult
dificultad difficulty
divertida fun
dónde where
durante during
emoción emotion
en in
energía energy
entonces then
entrada entrance
entrar to enter
escapar to escape
ese that
especialmente especially
espíritu spirit
esqueletos skeletons
esto this
estúpido stupid
estudioso/a studious
exactamente exactly
examen exam
explorar to explore
fácil easy
figuras figures
firmemente firmly
flores flowers
fractura fracture
frente a in front of
furioso furious
generalmente generally
geografía geography
gracioso/a funny
gustaba it was pleasing, liked
gustaban they were pleasing, liked
gustaría it would be pleasing, would like
hacia towards
hay there is, there are
imaginaria imaginary
intenciones intentions
intensamente intensely
limón lime
linterna flashlight
máscaras masks
músicos musicians
muerte death
muerto(s) dead
papel picado cut tissue paper
pena pain
pistola pistol
pobres the poor
por at, for, by, through
precaución caution
primer first
principal main
pétalos petals
ranchos ranches
realmente really
recreo recess
respeto respect
rico rich, wealthy person
románticamente romantically
salvar to save
segundo second
sirviente servant
sobre about
tercero third
tocar to play
tono tone
tumba tomb
velas candles
violentamente violently
Created by: marykate.donovan
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