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6th Spanish exam Tr

(El) Estudiante Student
(La) Universidad University
Interesado Interested
Protección Protection
(La) Naturaleza Nature
Respetar Respect
(La) planeta Planet
Destrucción Destruction
Troplicales Tropical
Horrible Horrible
Inteligente Smart
Serio Serious
Matemáticas Math
Ciencia Science
Futuro Future
(el/ la) Científico/a Scientist
Bilingüe Bilingual (knowing 2 languages)
Profesores Teachers
Visitar Visit
Frecuencia Frequency
(los) experimentos Experiments
Café Café or coffee
Normalmente Normally
Energía Energy
Trabajar Work or to work
Librería Bookstore
Pasar To pass
Difícil Difficult
Dormir to sleep
un cafe solo coffee alone (no sugar/cream)
To sleep
Un café solo Black coffee (no sugar or cream)
Un café con leche Coffee with milk
Una gaseosa Soda
Una soda Soda
Un té helado Iced tea
Una limonada Lemonade
Para beber Drink menu
Para comer Food menu
Una sopa Soup
El jamón Ham
El queso Cheese
Una ensalada Salad
Una tortilla Omelette
Un bocadillo Sandwich
Un sándwich Sandwich
Papas fritas Fries
Una hamburguesa Hamburger
Un pan dulce Sweet bread
El postre Dessert
Un helado de vainilla Vanilla ice cream
Un helado de chocolate Chocolate Ice cream
Antes de comer Before eating
El mesero The waiter
Después de comer After eating
La cuenta The check
El servicio The tip
Enseguida Right away
Las cataratas del Iguazú Iguazú Falls (waterfalls)
Where are the Iguazú Falls located? On the border of Argentina and Brazil
Which is bigger Niagara Falls or Iguazú Falls? Iguazú Falls are 4 times as wide and almost 2 times as tall
Iguazú IS the Guaraní Word for _______. Great water
Which Iguazú waterfall is shaped like a horseshoe and has the greatest water flow? Garganta de Diablo
Casacadas Waterfalls
Altura Height
Más alta Tallest
Mundo World
Descubierta Discovered
Trabajar To work
Llegar To arrive
Aprender To learn
Después After
Compañeros Companions/friends
Domingo Sunday
Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Miércoles Wednesday
Jueves Thursday
Viernes Friday
Created by: keflabrown