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Adjectives 2 of 4

adjectives group 2 of 4 (116 words)

bajo low, short
baja low
bajos low
tercera third
tercer third
tercero third
español spanish
española spanish
españoles spanish
sencillo simple, single
sencilla simple
científico scientific
científica scientific
fí­sico physical
fí­sica physical
duro hard, tough
dura hard
definitivo definitive, final
definitiva definitive
completo complete, full
completa complete
rápido fast, quick
rápida cursory
lleno full
llena full
americano american
americana american
humano human, humane
humana human
nuestro our
nuestra our
literario literary
literaria literary
malo bad
mala scalawag
diferente different
diferentes different
corto short
corta short
interno internal
interna internal
correcto correct, right
correcta correct
electrónico electronic
electrónica electronic
disponible available
disponibles available
anterior previous, anterior
anteriores previous
serio serious
seria serious
máximo maximum
máxima maximum
necesario necessary
necesaria necessary
económico economic
Económica financial
político political
Polí­tica political
graso greasy
grasa stupid
Próximo near, close
Próxima next
directo direct
directa direct
principal main, foremost
principales principals
mal bad, ill
muscular muscular
público public
blanco white
Común common
original original
laboral labour (+n)
simple pimple, plain
imposible impossible
personal personal
igual equal
serguro safe, sure
especial special
suficiente enough
superior superior, higher
oficial official
general general
curioso curious, inquisitive
particular private, particular
recomendable advisable
digital digital
peor worse, worst
menor smaller, minor
natural natural
normal normal, standard
libre free
claro bright, clear
móvil mobile
similar similar
alto tall, high
alta high
popular popular
difí­cil difficult, hard
fácil easy
capaz capable, able
actual present, current
pequeño small, little
final final
probable probable, likely
enorme enormous, huge
siguiente next, following
real real
fuerte strong, heavy
electoral electoral
genial brilliant, genial
total total
tradicional traditional
habitual habitual
excelente excellent
Created by: bret888