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adverbs 2of2

adverbs group 2 of 2 (81 words)

hasta even
luego then, afterwards
apenas hardly, scarcely
efectivamente really, indeed
atrás behind, backwards
igual maybe
seguramente for sure
recientemente recently
jamás never
evidentemente obviously, clearly
principalmente mainly, principally
encima upon
siquiera at least
cuanto as much as
concretamente specifically
después then, later
directamente directly, straight
lejos far away, far
delante in fron, ahead
abajo down, downstairs
fácilmente easily
necesariamente necessarily
justo just
igualmente equally, likewise
actualmente at present, currently
claramente clearly
recién newly
tarde late
cerca near, nearby
rápidamente quickly
posiblemente possibly
perfectamente perfectly
incluso even
adelante forward
aun even
Aún still, yet
personalmente personally
solo just
normalmente normally, ordinarly
entonces then
primero first
nada not at all
mañana tomorrow
obviamente obviously
solamente only
absolutamente absolutely
allá there
simplemente simply
arriba upstairs, up
todaví­a still, yet
básicamente basically
allí there
únicamente only, solely
totalmente totally
aproximadamente approximately
online online
exactamente exactly
finalmente finally, lastly
ayer yesterday
pronto quickly, soon
realmente really
gratis free
claro clearly
completamente completely
prácticamente practically
mal badly, poorly
además besides
relativamente relatively
fuera outside
demasiado too
probablemente probably
precisamente precisely
especialmente especially, particularly
nunca never
ahí there
tampoco neither, nor
quizás perhaps, maybe
antes before, earlier
mejor better, best
quizá maybe
algo somewhat
Created by: bret888