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Vocabulary Words

Douse plunge into a liquid, drench to put out quickly, extinguish
Expressly plainly, in so many words; for a particular purpose
Famished suffering severely from hunger or from lack of something
Forsake to give up, renounce, to leave, abandon
Gainful profitable; bring in money or some special advantage
Immense very large or great; beyond ordinary means of measurement
Inept totally without skill or appropriateness
Ingenious showing remarkable originality inventiveness, resourcefulness; clever
Irk to annoy, trouble, make weary
Instantaneous done in an instance; immediate
Libel a written statement that unfairly or falsely harms the reputation about the person about whom it is made; to write or publish such a statement
Misgiving a feeling of fear, doubt, or uncertanty
Oaf a stupid person; big, clumsy, slow individual
Recede to go move backward; to become more distant
Repast a meal, food
Apparel clothing that serves as a dress or decoration
Besiege to attack by surrounding with military forces, to cause worry or trouble
Compress to press together, to reduce size or volume; a folded cloth or pad applied to an injury
Denounce to condemn openly, to accuse formally
Dispatch to send off or out for a purpose to kill, an official message, promptness speed
Constrain to force, to compel, to restrain, hold back
Contemporary belonging to the same period of time as oneself: a person of the same time
Depict to portray; to represent to show in the form of a picture
Disinterested fair minded, free from selfish motives; indifferent
Encompass to encircle , go or reach around; to enclose; to include with a certain group or class
Mimic a person who does imitations; to imitate, to make fun of
Ruffle to wrinkle, make uneven; to annoy, upset; to flip through; a gathered strip of material used for trimming edges; a ripple; a low drumbeat
Serene peaceful, calm; free emotional upset; clear and free of storm; majestic , grand
Sheepish embarrassed; resembling a sheep in meekness; timid
Stamina the strength needed to keep going or overcome physical or mental strain; staying power
Barrage a rapid, large-scale outpouring of something
Bigot an intolerant, prejudice or biassed person
Designate to indicate, point out; to appoint; selected but not yet installed
Diversity difference, variety, condition of having many different types of forms
Enigma someone or something that is extremely puzzling, that which cannot be understood or explained
Gloat to look at or think about with great intensity and satisfaction; to take great personal joy in
Global relating to, or involving the entire world; comprehensive
Illusion a false idea; something that one seems to see or to be aware of that really does not exist
Infuriate to make very angry, enrage
Motivate to provide with a reason. for doing; to push on to some goal or coarse of action
Pacifist one who is against war or the use of violence; opposing war or violence
Queue a line of people waiting for something; to form such a line
Restrict to keep within set limits; to confine
Sage Wise; a very wise person
Slake to satisfy, relieve, or bring to an end
Terrain the landscape, especially considered with regard to its physical features of fitness for some use; a field of knowledge
vocation any trade, profession, or occupation; a sense of fitness or special calling for ones work
Vow a solemn or sacred promise or pledge to declare promise in a solemn way
Waylay to lie in wait for and attack, ambush
Wither to dry up wilt sag; to cause someone to feel ashamed, humiliated, or very small
Acquit to declare not guilty, free from blame, discharge completely: to conduct or beaver oneself.
Deem to think, believe:; consider , have an opinion
Devastate to destroy, lay waste, leave in ruins
Discredit To throw dough upon, cause to be distrusted.
Elusive difficult to Cath or to hold, hard to explain or understand
Generate to bring into existence, to be the cause of. c
Idolize to worship as an idol, make an idol of, to love very much
Ingratitude a lack of thankfulness
Keepsake something kept in memory of someone
Mortal being that must eventually die
Ovation an enthusiastic public welcome outburst of applause
Petty unimportant, trivial; narrow minded secondary in rank minor
Plight a sorry condition or state; to pledge promise solemnly
Repent to feel sorry for what one has done or failed to do
Reverie a daydream; the condition of being lost in thought
Revocation an act or instance of caring back, an annulment, cancellation
Scan to examine closely; to look over quickly but thoroughly; to analyze the rhythm of a poem; an examination
Strand a beach or shore; a string or wire, hair, etc; to drive aground, to leave hopeless position
Strife bitter disagreement, fighting, struggle
Topple to fall forward; to overturn, bring about the downfall.
acute a sharp point; keen and alert; star and severe; rising quickly to point and lasting for a short time
bluster to talk or act in a noisy and threatening way to blow in stormy gusts speech that is loud and threatening
bungle to act or work clumsily and awkwardly to ruin something through clumsiness
commentary a series of notes clarifying or explain something an expression or feeling
Eerie Causing fear because or strangeness weird mysteriuos
Facet One aspect or side of a subject problem, one of the cut surfaces of a gem
Fidelity the state of being faithful; accuracy in details exactness
Fray a brawl, noisy quarrel; to wear away by rubbing
Headstrong will-full stubborn.
Inhabitant one living permanently in a given place
Numb having lost the power of feeling or movement; to dull the feelings of, to cause to loose feeling
Pacify To make peaceful or calm; to soothe
Ravenous greedy; very hungry eager for satisfaction
Refute to prove incorrect
Remorse deep and painful regret for ones past misdeeds
Setback something that interferes with progress; a disappointment, unexpectedness or defeat, a steplike recision the int wall
Smug overly self-satisfied self-righteous
Synopsis a brief statement giving a general view of some subject, book etc; a summary
Tarry to delay leaving; to linger, stay for a longer period
Agenda the program for a meeting; a list, outline, plan of things to be considered or done
Amiable friendly good-natured
Befuddle to confuse make stupid
Blight a disease that causes plants to wither and decondition or disease that causes to die
Boisterous rough and nosy in a cheerful way; high spirited
Clarity clearness, accuracy
Compliant willing to do what someone else wants; obedient
Conserve to preserve, to keep from being damaged, lost, or wasted to save
Debut a first public appearance formal entrance into society; to make a fist
Gory marked by bloodshed slaughter or violence
Gross overweight; coarse, vulgar noticeable; total an overall total twelve dozen
Induce to cause bring about, to persuade
leeway extra spacer moving along certain route; allowance for mistakes inaccuracies; margin of error
Limber flexible; to cause of become flexible
Maze a network of paths through which it is hard to find ones way out
Oracle someone or something that can predict the future
Partisan a strong supporter of a person, or party, or cause one who's support is unreasoning
Reimburse to pay back; to give payment for
Vacate to go away from, leave empty; to make empty, to void
Vegabond an idle wanderer; a tramp wandering, irresponsible.
Impact the striking of one object onto another
Intimidate to make timid or frighten by threats. to use fear to get someone to do something
Liberate to free from bondage or domination
Logical reasonable; making use of a reason
Misrepresent to give false or untrue idea
Sluggish Lazy slow moving not active dull
Subordinate lower in rank or position, secondary one who is lower in position
Tint a delicate colorer hue a slight trace of something
Variable likely to undergo change changeable, value or quantity that varies
Verge the point at which something begins or happens, a border
Abominable arousing hatred, disgusting detestable
Bumbling blundering and awkward; clumsy
Consequence a result, effect
Delude to fool deceive, to mislead
Dole to give out in small amounts; money food or other neccesities given.
Engulf to swallow up
Foil To defeat to keep from gaining some end
Formulate to express definitely or systematically to devise
Initiative the taking of the first step
Momento something that serves as a reminder
Refurbish to brighten freshen, or polish, to restore
Resourceful able to deal promptly
Rigorous sever harsh strict toughly logical
Subsequent coming after following in time
unerring making no mistakes, faultless
Replenish To fill again, make good, replace
Rummage to search; a collection odd items
Skimp to save thrifty; to be thrifty
Sleuth detective
Vandalism a deliberate and pointless destruct.
Abduct to kidnap carry by force
Ambiguous not clear having two or more possible meanings
Balk to stop short and refuse to go on; to refuse abruptly to prevent from happening
Compact closely and firmly packed together
Confer to consult, talk over, exchange opinions to present a gift.
Earmark to set aside for a special purpose
Frigid extremely cold lacking warmth heat
implement an instrument or tool, to put into effect
incalculable to great to be counted
indisputable beyond question
Strapping Tall, strong and healthy
Strident Harsh, thrill; unpleasant sounding
Thrive to grow vigorously
Titanic enormous in size, strength, power, or scope
Valiant possessing or acting with bravery or boldness
Deter to discourage
Disquieting causing uneasiness
Empower to give power
Fluent speaking or or writing easily
Lag to move slowly or fall behind
Mangle to injure seriously cutting, tearing, crushing
misapprehension a wrong idea
optimist a person who thinks positively
Prowl to roam
Stupefy make stupid
Sulky in a bad or nasty mood gloomy
Supplement something added to complete thing or make up for.
Surge to have a heavy swelling motion
Trait a quality characteristic
Unscrumpulous dishonest
Abstain to stay away from doing something
Accomodate to do a favor or service
Allegiance the loyalty or obligation owed
Amalgamate to unite to combine
Append to attach, add or track
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