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Ela voc 19 define

Something joined or added to a thing but not necessarily a part of it. Adjunct
Put of place, abnormal Anomalous
Waging war; inclines to or exhibiting assertiveness Belligerent
To blame or to condemn Censure
A yielding; acquiescence Compliance
To make dirty, to sesecrate, to pollute Defile
Characterized by steady, attentive and energetic effort in a pursuit or study Diligent
Appropriate for a purpose but not necessarily moral, right, or just. Expedient
To treat with contempt Flout
Veey irritating Galling
Announced or publicized Heralded
A spell, written or recited formula of words designed for a particular effect Incantation
Native to a certain ares Indigenous
Very pleasant to the taste Luscious
Characterized by moving about from place to place aa nomads Nomadic
To deflect or to ward off a blow Parry
To cause to speedily occur, to throw headlong Precipitate
Sharp or irritating to the taste or smell, acrid Pungent
To give formal approval Ratify
Wise, shrewd. Very discerning Sagacious
Messy, untidy, careless Slovenly
Full of spite or malice; malicious; malevolent Spiteful
Slightly connected, divergent Tangential
To decrease in thickness or width Taper
A wander who does not have a home Vagrant
Created by: Snowflake098
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