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Lesson 2 Expressions

Spanish 1, Lesson 2 Expressions

Estar de prisa. (Estoy de prisa.) To be in a hurry. (I am in a hurry.)
¿Còmo estàs tù? (¿Còmo està Ud.?) How are you? (How are you formal?)
Va de mal en peor. (Todo va de mal en peor. ) Go from bad to worse. (Everything's getting worse.)
¿De dònde es Ud.? (¿De dònde son ellos?) Where are you from? (Where are they from?)
No vale la pena. (Este trabajo no vale la pena.) It's not worth the effort. (This work isn't worth the effort.)
¿Què pasa? What's happening?
Màs vale algo que nada. Something is better than nothing.
Tener hambre. (Tengo hambre.) To be hungry (have hunger). (I am hungry.)
Tener sed. (Èl tiene sed.) To be thirsty (have thirst). (He is thirsty.)
Estar enfermo/cansado. (Ella està enferma/cansada.) To be sick/tired. (She is sick/tired.)
Esatar adormecido. (Estoy adormecido.) To be sleepy. (I am sleepy.)
¿Còmo te va? (¿Còmo les va?) How's it going with you? (How's it going with you (formal)?)
¿Què tal? How are you?
Tal vez (Tal vez voy a casa.) Perhaps/maybe. (Maybe I go home.)
Darse cuenta de. (Me doy cuenta del problema. ) Take notice of, notice. (I notice the problem.)
Dar que reier llorar. (Ella da que llorar/reir. ) Begin to laugh/cry. (She begins to laugh/cry.)
de dia/noche (Trabajo de dìa/noche.) During the day/night. (I work days and nights.)
No se me de nada. It doesn't matter to me.
No es de nada. It's nothing. It doesn't matter.
Gracias/por favor. Thanks/please.
Hàgame el favor de.... Please, do me the favor of..
Echar menos.. Echar menos a mi gato. To miss( a thing, person, etc.) (I miss my cat)
Echar mano.. (Ella echa mano al libro.) To seize, take hold of, grab (She grabs the book.)
Echar una mano.. (Echas una mano a la cocinera) To help, lend a hand. (You help the cook.)
Hace frio/calor It is cold/hot
Hace aire/viento It is windy.
Hacer intencion (Hago intencion de cantar.) To intend, mean (I mean to sing.)
Tomar el sol/aire Sunbathe, get fresh air.
Created by: isaakray