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Lesson 2 Adjectives

Spanish 1, Lesson 2 Adjectives

fàcil easy
dificil difficult
òbvio obvious, clear
misterioso mysterious, unclear
desconocido unknown, obscure
bien well
mejor better
òptimo best
mal bad
peor worse
pèsimo worst
grueso thick
ligero light
pesado heavy
ùtil useful
inùtil useless
vacio empty, blank
lleno full, filled
ocupado busy
desocupado idle, not busy
suave soft, smooth
inteligenete intelligent
estupido stupid
generoso generous
tacaño stingy
sabio wise, learned
tonto silly, foolish
ignorante ignorant
roto broken
llano/igual level, equal
saludable/salubre healthy
dañoso dangerous
seguro safe, secure
hambriente (tener hambre) hungry
sediento (tener sed) thirsty
feal/integro/leal loyal, honest, trustworthy
pèrfido/desleal/infiel false, disloyal, perfidious
voraz/insaciable greedy
joven young
viejo old
enfermo sick
muerto dead
vivo alive
feliz happy
triste sad
enojado angry
limpio clean
sucio dirty
Created by: isaakray