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Core7 CR-Ch1

Ch 1 Myth or Reality?

speculate to make a guess, to suppose, to form a theory about something without firm evidence (verb)
skeptic a person who tends to doubt or question accepted opinions (noun)
rivalry competition or vying for superiority of the same goal in the same field (noun)
predator an animal that naturally hunts (preys on) others (ex: a falcon is a predator for mice) (noun)
notorious well-known for having some bad quality or doing a bad deed (adjective)
credible believable, reasonable, plausible, has a ring of truth (adjective)
isolation by itself, separation from others (noun)
conventional usual, traditional, customary, what is generally done or believed (adjective)
controversial hotly debated, likely to lead to much disagreement, contentious (adjective)
intrepid daring, fearless, adventurous (often used for humorous effect (ex: an intrepid reporter) (adjective)
eccentric slightly strange,peculiar, unconventional (said of a person's behavior) (ex: my aunt/uncle was somewhat eccentric) (adjective)
allegedly supposedly, reportedly (claiming to be true or to have happened, although there is no proof) (adverb)
Created by: jkirsch