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Test unit 1 sports m

What does the O in SOAP stand for? objective - what you can see
What does the S in SOAP stand for? subjective - what they tell you
What does the A in SOAP Stand for? assessment- your findings
What does the P in SOAP stand for? plan - what you expect to do for the patient
Liability The state of being legally responsible for the harm one causes another person
negligence failure to use reasonable care
tort a legal wrong committed by a person
statute of limitations The length of time to sue for damages on negligence
treatment plans are always centered on the athlete
sports nutritionist someone who advises athletes on diet and supplements
NATA The most widely know agency that supports the field of athletic training
NATABOC certifying agency for the NATA
physical therapist provides rehabiltiation to physical injuries
equipment manager makes sure equipment is safe, proper fitting and in good condition
CEU Continuing education units
keeping proper documentations and maintain accurate records, have a good relationship with athletes and coaches, have written protocols and proceedures decreases the chance of law suits
co payment the amount the insuree is responsible for paying during each medical visit
first NATA exam 1970
athletic training room areas storage, office, taping, wet (hydro), rehab
ice machines crushed ice is better for treating injuries, cubed ice is better for beverages
3 classifications of sports non contact, limited contact, collision
Preparticipation exam physical required prior to participating, used to screen for athletes that may be medically at risk
necessary athletic training room supplies tape, ice machine, taping tables, coolers, water bottles, towels, prewrap, ace wraps, gauze, gloves, cleaner (antibacterial(
Created by: TeresaGentry