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RT2: Ch 3 Saved From Certain Death

coma Looks like deep sleep but can not wake up; continues for a long time, usually because head was hit or got very sick. in a __ (noun)
consciousness Awareness, knows what is happening (noun); opposite: to lose ___ (verb)
diagnose To identify, determine, pinpoint the reason for a problem (ex: find the cause for a computer problem, a sickness) (verb)
symptom a sign or signal that you are sick (ex: your body is hotter than 98.6F or 37C, or you have a cough or sore throat) (noun)
victim someone who gets sick or hurt or acts like "poor me" :( (noun)
normal regular, usual, not different, not too high or too low (adjective)
procedure process, method, steps; an official way of doing something (noun)
recover to get better after being sick or hurt (verb)
survive to live and not die after a bad sickness, injury, or accident (verb)
biologist a scientist who studies living creatures (animals)
stage a step, phase, period, or level in a process or development (noun)
test a medical procedure or bloodwork done to find out what the problem is (noun)
Created by: jkirsch