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6th Grade LA Vocab

LA L to J Vocab (6th Grade)

Alliteration Repetition of the same consonant sound at the beginning of words
Antonym Words with opposite meanings used as context clues
Autobiography A nonfiction text a person writes about themself
Biography A nonfiction test that is written about a person's life by another person
Cause and Effect An organizational pattern in which an action occurs and something happens s a result of the action
Character vs Character A type of conflict between two or more characters
Character vs Nature A type of conflict between a character and their surrounding environment
Character vs Self A type of conflict that happens within a character
Character vs Society A type of conflict between a character and a larger group, community , or culture
Climax The moment in the plot when the action reaches its greatest suspense or conflict
Compare and Contrast An organizational pattern in which similarities and differences are explained
Complex Sentence A sentence containing one independent clause and one dependent clause
Compound Sentence A sentence containing two independent clauses joined by a conjunction
Definition The author clearly states the meaning of word as a context clue
Description An organizational pattern in which a topic is explained using a lot of sensory detail
Exposition The beginning of the plot in which the reader is given important background information
Fable A short story that teaches a lesson, usually with talking animals
Fact and Opinion An organizational pattern in which true statements are separated from one's personal beliefs
Fairy Tale A short story with characters that are royalty, elves, dragons, or fairies that usually ends happily
Falling action Part of the plot where problems begin to be solved
Fantasy A story that includes events and characters that could not exist
First Person A point of view told from a character inside the story
Folklore Traditional stories told from generation to generation
Historical Fiction A story that is set in the past during a specific time period with fictional characters
Hyperbole Extreme exaggeration
Idiom A phrase that means something different than what the words actually say
Imagery Using details that appeal to the five senses to create vivid pictures in the reader's mind
Legend A short story that is based on a real person or events but can not be proven to be true
Metaphor Comparing two unlike things by saying one thing is the other
Mood The way text makes a reader feel
Multiple Meaning Words Words that have more than one meaning such as homophones, homonyms, and homographs
Mystery A suspenseful story about a puzzling event
Myth A short story that includes gods and goddesses to explain how things came to be
Onomatopoeia Words that resemble the sounds they represent
Personification Giving human-like characteristics to characters or objects that are not human
Poetry Verse written to create thought and emotion in the reader that can include rhyme and rhythm
Problem/Solution An organizational pattern in which issues are identified and solved
Realistic Fiction A story set in the present time with events that could happen
Resolution The conclusion to plot development
Rhythm A strong, regular, repeated pattern or flow of sound in text
Rising Action Part of the story's plot that creates suspense and interest
Science Fiction A story that is set in the future and uses scientific elements and technology
Sequence/Chronological An organizational pattern in which events are stated in the order they happen
Simile Comparing two unlike things using "like" or "as"
Simple Sentence An independent clause that contains a subject and a predicate
Synonym Words with similar meanings used as context clues
Tall Tale A short story that is greatly exaggerated
Third Person Limited A point of view told from a narrator outside of the story and the reader knows what one character is thinking
Third Person Omniscient A point of view told from a narrator outside of the story and the reader knows what all the characters are thinking
Tone The emotions expressed by an author
Created by: SSC 8th LA



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