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9th grade lit unit 1

american literature

ribald coarsely, crudely reflect
ruminate to reflect
stolid expressing little sensibility , unemotional
servile submissive
polemic an aggresive argument against a specific opinion
precocious advanced
capacious very spacious
abscond to sneak away and hide
abjure to reject
nadir lowest point of something
perfidious disloyal
largess generous giving of lavish gifts
insipid dull,boaring
injunction an offical warning
laudatory expressing admiration or praise
dither to be indecisive
myriad great number of something
extant existing, not destroyed or lost
exculpate to free from guilt
epistolary relating to or contained in letters
dissonance lack of harmony or consistency
rhapsodize to engage in extensive enthusiasm
commodious roomy
cupidity greed, strong desire
amorphous no definite shape or type
Created by: darcymcfarlane