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SM quiz 1

How can a person become a certified Athletic trainer attend a NATA accredited college/university get a masters degree in athletic training and pass the NATA exam
Tort a legal wrong
negligence failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury to someone
Assumption of risk an athlete assumes he or she may be injured preforming their sport or activity
NATABOC a group the certifies and oversees the qualifications of an athletic trainer
NATA National athletic trainer association
ATC-L a certified athletic trainer that also is license to practice in a particular state
Equipment manager keeps up with the quality of sporting equipment and repair
The first NATA certification exam was in 1970
orthopedic surgeon a physician who specializes in diagnosis and treating disease and disorders involving bones, joints and muscles.
certified personal trainer developed and implements safe and effective fitness programs to help people reach their fitness goals
liability the state of being legally responsible for the harm one causes another person
nonfeasance a legal wrong where a persons does not preform their required duty
Malfeasance a legal wrong where a person does something that they are not legally able to do
misfeasance a legal wrong where a person does something they are legally able to do but do it incorrectly
Created by: TeresaGentry