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Newton's 3rd Law


State Newton's 3rd Law of Motion For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
How does a balloon filled with air illustrate Newton's 3rd law? When the air is let out of the balloon, the air moves downward and the balloon moves upward
In Newton's 3rd law there is always two forces--action force and a reaction force. True or False True
Action and reaction forces are equal in ________and opposite in _________. equal in strength and opposite in direction
When swimming, you push the water backward--call this the action force. What is the reaction force? the water pushing you forward
A car accelerates along a road. Strictly speaking, what is the force that moves the car? The road pushes the car along
Your weight is the result of the gravitational force of the earth on your body. What is the corresponding reaction force? Your body pulling up on the earth
If a bicycle and a massive truck have a head-on collision, upon which vehicle is the impact force greater? Which vehicle undergoes the greater change in its motion (or greater acceleration)? same force because the collision is an interaction between two forces; the bike has the greater acceleration because it has the smaller mass
Use Newton's 2nd law to explain that for a give force the acceleration will always be greater for the object with the smaller mass The equation shows that acceleration and mass are inversely related.
A leaf weighting 5 grams falls from a tree at a rate of 2 m/s. What is the force of the leaf hitting the ground in newtons? 0.01 N
A car strikes a brick wall and the impact was 5000 N. If the car weighted 100 kg, how fast was it moving in m/s? 50 m/s
A car strikes a brick wall and the impact was 5000 N. The car was traveling at 25 m/s. How much did it weigh in kg? 200 kg
If you hit a wall with a force of 200 N, how much force is exerted on you? 200 N
If you walk on a log that is floating in the water, the log moves backward. Why? The reaction force is in the opposite direction
Why is it easier to walk on a carpeted floor than on a smooth, polished floor? One can exert a greater horizontal force on a carpet that a polished floor because the greater friction force which in turn provides a greater reaction force to provide traction for walking
Calculate the acceleration of a 2000 kg single-engine airplane just before takeoff when the thrust of its engine is 500 N. 0.25 meters per second squared
What are the action and reaction forces of a falling boulder? action force: earth exerting a force on the boulder reaction force: boulder simultaneously exerting a force on the earth
An object in space tends to travel in a straight line at constant speed unless what happens? Acted upon by an unbalanced force
___________causes acceleration. Force
A horizontal force of 100 N is required to push a crate across a factory floor at a constant speed. What is the net force acting on the crate? What is the force of friction acting on the crate? Zero (a = 0); 100 N
Created by: vahajuddin
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