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Spanish Verbs

cocinar to cook
escuchar to listen
ganar to win/ to earn
hablar to speak
llevar to wear
mirar to watch
sacar to get a grade/to take a pic
tomar to take
trabajar to work
bailar to dance
cantar to sing
descansar to rest
esquiar to ski
nadar to swim
llegar to arrive
tocar to play ( instrument)
viajar to travel
visitar to visit
contestar to answer
preguntar to ask a question
pagar to pay
prestar to lend
comprar to buy
necesitar to need
admirar to admire
ayudar to help
buscar to look for
criticar to criticise
esperar to hope/ wait for
invitar to invite
llamar to call
gritar to shout
respetar to respect
tirar to throw/toss
cambiar to change
usar to use
ensen~ar to teach/show
limpiar to clean
remar to row
manejar to manage
rezar to pray
fumar to smoke
saltar to jump
llenar to fill
alquilar to rent
adivinar to guess
olvidar to forget
andar to walk
caminar to walk
afilar to sharpen
parar to stop
recomendar to recommend
saludar to greet
reparar to repare
gastar to spend money
terminar to finish/end
explicar to explain
pintar to paint
mandar to send a letter/ to command
montar to ride/to mount
regresar to return
guardar to guard / to keep
escalar to climb
cazar to hunt
pasar to pass/to spend
exclamar to exclaim
quemar to burn
regalar to give a gift
patinar to skate
estudiar to study
apagar to turn off
empujar to push
arrancar to start a car
cultivar to grow
brincar to jump
gozar to enjoy
preocupar to worry
atestar to crowd
estacionar to park
coleccionar to collect
preparar to prepare
arreglar to fix (machine)
celebrar to celebrate
mejorar to make it better
felicitar to congratulate
solicitar to ask for
matar to kill
chatear to chat (online)
disfrutar to enjoy
pelear to fight
luchar to wrestle
desear to wish
leer to read
meter to put in (a goal)
aprender to learn
beber to drink
romper to break
comer to eat
comprender to understand
correr to run
esconder to hide
creer to think
deber to do/should do
responder to respond
vender to sell
abrir to open
escribir to write
recibir to recieve
vivir to live
compartir to share
prohibir prohibit
an~adir to add (food)
subir to group
decidir to decide
ver to see
tener to have
ser and estar to be
salir to leave
ir to go
venir to come
saber to know
conocer to know
oir to hear
poner to put
caer to fall
traer to bring
merecer to deserve
obedecer obey
ofrecer to offer
parecer to appear/ to seem
pertenecer to pertain to
conducir to conduct/ to drive
traducir to translate
dar to give
decir to say/ to tell
jurgar to play
hacer to do/ to make
pensar to think
querer to want
preferir to prefer
cerrar to close
comenzar to begin
empezar to start
entender to understand
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