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Treasure Seekers

Amethyst a precious stone that is violet or purple in color
Ancestors a person from whom one is descended
Bandit a robber or murderer; an outlaw
Dickens Charles Dickens, novelist of the 18th Century
Disdain scorn, contempt
Folly an extravagant structure, often in a gothic style
Gimlet a small tool for boring holes
Harmonium a musical instrument with a keyboard
Highwayman A robber who is usually mounted who holds up travellers or passengers at the side of the road.
Knickerbockers old time golfing pants, loose fitting, and gathered at the knee
Libel A false and defamatory written statement
Lucrative profitable; yielding financial gain
Marjoram an aromatic culinary herb used as a flavoring in cooking
Paperweight A small, heavy and sometimes ornamental object for keeping loose papers in place
Patent The government authority granting the right to make or sell an invention
Preparatory School Private elementary school
Prunes Dried plums
Seldom rarely; not often
Sherry A fortified wine from Southern Spain
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