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What is HO-1 Basic form. Covers Fire or smoke Explosions Lightning Hail and windstorms Theft Vandalism Damage from vehicles Damage from aircraft Riots and civil commotion Volcanic eruption
What is HO-2 Broad form. Covers Falling objects Weight of ice, snow, or sleet Freezing of household systems like AC or heating Sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning, or bulging of pipes and other household systems Accidental discharge or overflow of w
What is HO-3 Special form. Covers all the perils in HO-2 insures your home and attached structures (like a garage or deck), as well as your belongings and your personal liability if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property.
What is HO-4 Tenants Form.covers only belongings and personal liability — not the building structure, which the landlord buys insurance for. Belongings are typically covered against the same perils as an HO-2 broad form homeowners insurance policy.
What is HO-5 Comprehensive form. Covers Earth movement (like an earthquake, landslide, or mudslide) Floods Water damage Damage from or infestation of birds, vermin, rodents, and insects Neglect, deterioration, and general wear-and-tear Settling, shrinking, bulging, or
What is HO-6 financially protects belongings and personal liability Condo form
What is HO-7 Mobile home form. The mobile home form is essentially the same as an HO-3, but is designed specifically for mobile or manufactured homes, which don't fall under regular homeowners insurance coverage.
What is HO-8 Older home form . The coverage details of a HO-8 are basically the same as a HO-3, but with special adaptations to better suit older homes, which may have different coverage needs than newer houses. Historic homes and registered landmarks usually carry th
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