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Laser Safety and Precautions

What is another name for Accutane? Isotretinoin
What is the name of the scoring chart that is used to grade how severe a clients condition of hirsutism is? Ferriman Gallwey
Which setting on the machine is least important when taking your patients skin color into consideration? Spot size
How many classifications are used in the Fitzpatrick Skin Classification System? VI (6)
Which cooling system uses a chilled paddle or contact window? Contact cooling
Having proper ventilation in the laser room, always wearing personal protective equipment and participating in safe work practices are the best way to control the damaging effects of _________. Laser plume
Which two colors of ink are best to use during grid stamping of your client? 1.) White 2.) Red
What is the most important factor in preserving the epidermis while performing laser hair removal? Cooling
What two things should not be in a laser room, or must be covered completely before performing any laser treatment? 1.) Windows 2.) Mirrors
How can sun exposure and tanning interfere with laser treatments? It can cause burns and hyperpigmentation
What three skin reactions are of greatest concern when treating darker skinned clients with laser? 1.) Keloids 2.) Hyperpigmentation 2.) Hypopigmentation
If a client has pseudo-folliculitis barbae in the treatment area with infected pustules, what should the electrologist do? Refer client to physician
To effectively treat patients with dark skin, you need _____ wavelengths and _____ pulse widths Longer wavelengths and longer pulse widths
What is the difference between a laser foot switch/pedal and an electrolysis epilator foot switch/pedal? Laser has hooded foot switch
What is the concern when treating clients who are taking antibiotics, ibuprofen, or sulfonylureas? They are photosensitizing medications
Between obtaining an informed consent from you client, performing a test patch, verifying billing information, and obtaining a medical history card, which one is least important? Verifying billing information
If the laser is not in use, and the technician is not in the room, where should the laser key be? Stored in a locked cabinet
What is the appropriate voltage outlet needed for laser machines? 220
What is the most import safety consideration for the technician to take in order to protect themselves from harmful effects of the laser? Wear appropriate eye protection such as goggles
Which organization publishes the standards for safe use of laser in health care facilities? American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Is it safe to have compressed oxygen tanks in the laser treatment room? No
Which classifications system uses hair color, skin color, and sensitivity to UV light to determine their classification scale? Fitzpatrick
Which level of a burn goes into the dermal layer, including elastin and collagen cells, causing delayed healing and scarring? Second degree burn
How long should a patient wait, after stopping the use of Accutane, before they receive laser treatment? 6 months
What skin reaction is the technician trying to avoid by reviewing their clients medications from their medical history card? Photo-allergic and photo-toxic reactions
What kind of light exposure should your client avoid while receiving laser treatments? UV light the Sun (include tanning beds)
Which UV light penetrates deeper into the skin? UVA
If your client is pregnant and wants to receive laser treatments, what should you do? Do not treat
Which disease do technicians need to warn their clients about the possibility of laser treatments causing outbreaks in the treatment area? Herpes
What is a normal skin response after laser hair removal treatment? Perifollicular erythema and edema
Which skin and hair color is considered the best candidate for laser hair removal treatment? Light skin an dark hair
When treating a client, how should the hand piece and spot size be aligned with the skin surface? Perpendicular to the skin
What is wavelength range where retinal hazard can occur? 400-1400 nm
What should laser goggles be labeled with? The exact wavelength that is being used during treatment
Should lasers be used in the presence of methane gas? No
What should you do if an eye injury occurs during laser treatment? Notify supervising physician for evaluation
What minimum SPF should your client use in between laser treatments? 15 SPF
Which body areas can you not treat with laser hair removal? 1.) Eyebrows (orbital area) 2.) Inside of nose 3.) Inside or ear
What type of reaction occurs when certain drugs or chemicals are applied topically or taken internally and causes injury to the skin in conjunction with exposure to UV light, and the reaction can also extend to areas not exposed to the UV light? Photo-allergic reaction
Who is responsible for maintain laser equipment, posting appropriate warning signs, and training workers in the use of lasers? Laser safety officer
Sunless tanning, tanning bed, and tetracycline are all considered to be ________ for laser treatment. Contraindication
For what skin characteristic should fluence levels be adjusted for? Color of skin
Which cooling system uses a spray that comes from inside the laser hand piece to blow cold air on the skin? Cryogen cooling
Which level of a burn goes deep into the basal or spinosum layer and damages prickle cells? First degree burn
Which popular acne medication is known to cause phototoxic reactions and sensitivity to sunlight? Accutane
When the laser treatment is paused or interrupted, what should you do to the laser machine? Place in standby mode
What do you call the gasses that are created during laser treatment and have a foul odor? Plume
Which classifications of lasers require the use or eye goggles? Class 3b & Class 4
What type of reaction occurs when certain drugs or chemicals are applied topically or taken internally and causes injury to the skin in conjunction with exposure to UV light, and the reaction only affects the skin that is exposed to UV light? Photo-toxic reaction
Which cooling system uses a separate chiller that attaches to the laser hand piece to blow cold air on the skin? Cold air chilling
Created by: ElectricEsti
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