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GRE Vocab 1

laconic (adj) brief, to the point, similar to pithy
insipid (adj) lacking taste or flavor
iconoclast (n) someone who attacked religion or cherished beliefs
arduous (adj) difficult to accomplish, hard to endure
profligate (adj) recklessly extravagant or wasteful in resources
prodigal (adj) recklessly extravagant or wasteful in resources
prosaic (adj) not challenging, dull, lacking excitement
ameliorate (v) to make or become better
obsequious (adj) obedient, excessively attentive
exacerbate (v) to make worse
capricious (adj) given to sudden behavior change, marks someone as petty
orthodox (adj) conforming to all traditional beliefs and practices
alacrity (n) lively, cheerful readiness
pellucid (adj) translucently clear
corroborate (v) to confirm, to give support to
prolific (adj) present in large numbers, producing lots of something
dogmatic (adj) dictatorial, opinionated
mercurial (adj) subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood, temperamental but more like sensitive
hackneyed (adj) unoriginal
prudent (adj) acting or showing care
belie (v) to disguise, to contradict
esoteric (adj) mysterious, obscure
impetuous (adj) acting, done quickly without thought or care, opposite of methodical
extant (adj) in existence, surviving
didactic (adj) educational
pithy (adj) brief, to the point, similar to laconic
ostentation (adj) pretentious, show off
adulterate (v) to alter, often for profit
taciturn (adj) reserved, quiet
garrulous (adj) VERY talkative
loquacious (adj) talkative (but not as much as someone who is garrulous)
lionize (v) to treat someone as a celebrity
dissonance (n) disagreement, no harmony
inculpate (v) to accuse, to blame
docile (adj) compliant, submissive
prevaricate (v) to deceive, to dance around the truth, similar to equivocate
chicanery (n) deception, trickery
gainsay (v) to deny, to contradict (causing a dissonance)
providential (adj) lucky, opportune
fractious (adj) irritable, quarrelsome
sanguine (adj) optimistic, positive
venerate (v) to regard w great respect
erudite (adj) well educated
anachronism (n) error in time placement
conspicuous (adj) obvious
tumultuous (adj) confused, disorderly
enervate (v) to weaken
auspicious (adj) favorable, conductive to success
soporific (adj) tending to induce drowsiness
equivocate (v) to avoid giving a clear or direct answer to a Q, similar to prevaricate
inimical (adj) tending to obstruct, harm
fastidious (adj) very careful, attentive
recalcitrant (adj) disobedient, uncontrollable
ephemeral (adj) momentary, passing
pusillanimous (adj) lacking courage, fearful
pedant (n) person who overemphasizes rules or minor details
inchoate (adj) undeveloped, beginning
lethargic (adj) lazy, sluggish
deride (adj) make fun of, insult
Created by: natmelo
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