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technical questions

What year did Fujifilm electronic materials start 1934 in Japan as their first producer of photographic films
What else does fujifilm do medical imaging, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical manufacture, software, logistics, semiconductors
what is a slurry abrasive and corrosive colloid (mixture of insoluble particles evenly dispersed)
what is a wafer thin slice of semiconductor material (high purity silicon) where microelectronic devices are built in.
define chemical mechanical planarization process of smoothing surfaces with the combination of chemical and mechanical forces..
Polyimides and polybenzoxazole (PBO) insulation layer of semiconductors and "stress relief" (buffer) coating
ICP/MS mass spectrometry which is capable of detecting metals and several non-metals at concentrations as low as one part in 1015 (part per quadrillion, ppq). This is achieved by ionizing sample with ICP and using a mass spec to separate and quantify those ions
Fujifilm Planar Solutions Subsidiary of Fujifilm Electronic Materials
etchant chemical used to etch designs into various materials
photoresists light sensitive material used in photolithography
depth of field (for planarity) is measured in angstroms (10th of a nanometer, atomic radius)
UV-vis absoprption spectroscopy. quantitative determination of analytes. Measures thickness and optical properties of wafer films
GC FID Flame Ionization Detection- detects the amount of carbon in a sample via combustion
GC-TCD Thermal conductivity detector- detects inorganic gases via changes in thermal conductivity between the sample effluent and a reference flow of carrier gas
ICP- AES Detection of Chemical elements. The ICP produces excited atoms that emit electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths characteristic of a particular element
Integrated device manufacturer (IDM) is a semiconductor company which designs, manufactures, and sells integrated circuit (IC) products.
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