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4th Grd Spell W23

remote far away; a small device that is used to operate electronic equipment, such as a television, from a distance by using electronic signals
region a part of a country, of the world, etc., that is different or separate from other parts in some way
restless feeling nervous or bored and tending to move around a lot : not relaxed or calm
recite to read something out loud or say something from memory usually for an audience
reason a statement or fact that explains why something is the way it is, why someone does, thinks, or says something, or why someone behaves a certain way; to think in a logical way
readily quickly and easily; in a way that shows you are willing to do something : without hesitation or complaint
redo to do something again, especially so it can be done better; to change something, such as a room or part of a room, so that it looks new or different
referee a person who makes sure that players act according to the rules of a game or sport
receive to get or be given something
reindeer a large type of deer that lives in northern parts of the world
reusable the ability to use something again
regular happening over and over again at the same time or in the same way; occurring every day, week, month, etc.; normal or usual
relief a pleasant and relaxed feeling that someone has when something unpleasant stops or does not happen
remember to have or keep an image or idea in your mind of something or someone from the past; to think of something or someone from the past again
return to come or go to a place again : to come back or go back again
Created by: maysjennifers