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Ewig Ever
Trou Faithfulness
Bevestig Establish
Woord Word
Geslag Generation
Hemele Heavens
Menslik Human
Gawe Gift, talent
Kommunikeer Comunicate
Regeer Rule, reign
Aanmoedig Encourage
Sodat So that
Uitvoer Carry out
Iets Something
Anders Different
Oomblik Moment
Dink Think
Waar True
Onwaar False
Taak Task
Probeer Try
Verstaan Understand
Glimlag Smile
Bekwaamheid Ability
Aanmoedig Encourage
Blêr Baa-baa
Lie (down)
Here you are!
Wil hê Want
Not so?
Bêre Put away
Seën Bless
Reën Rain
Leër Army
Spieël Mirror
Vlieër Kite
Reënboog Rainbow
Spieëltafel Dressing table
Vlieënier Pilot
Korintiërs Corinthians
Bidsprinkaan Praying mantis
Interressant Interesting
Insek Insect
Dun Thin
Lyf Body
Die meeste Most
Doodstil Very still, very quiet
Tak Branch
Sprinkaan Grasshopper
Gewaar Notice
Daarna After that
Wetenskaplike Scientist
Wonder Wonder
Giftig Poisonous
Dood Dead
Perdeby Wasp
Vlerk Wing
Dapper Brave
Baklei Fight
Mier Ant
Doodseker Very certain
Doogmoeg Very tired
Doodstil Very still
Yskoud Very cold
Vuurwarm Very warm/ hot
Piepklein Very small
Kliphard Very hard
Rotvas Very firm
Broodnodig Very necessary
Veerlig Very light
Sopnat Very wet
Hemelhoog Very high
Potlou Very blue
Goudgeel Very yellow
Grasgroen Very green
Pikswart Very black
Spit Dig
Rig Guide, direct
Sis Hiss
Pik Peck, strike
Niks Nothing
Skink Pour, serve
Klink Sound
Afklim Climb down
Salig Blessed
Lelik Ugly
Maklik Easy
Glimlag Smile
Knipmes Penknife
Belangrik Important
Dadelik Immediately
Betekenis Meaning
Piep Squeak
Vier Celebrate
Kniel Kneel
Het lief Love
Lieflik Lovely, beautiful
Geniet Enjoy
Piering Saucer
Piekniek Picnic
Versier Decorate
Piesang Banana
Kerslied Christmas Carol
Niemand Nobody
Vriendin Friend (girl)
Niggie Niece, cousin
Plesier Pleasure
Papierketting Paper chain
Wysie Tune
Verhinder Hinder, prevent
Omhels Embrace
Verleen Grant, give, bestow
Vergeet Forget
Lot Destiny
Volk People, nation
Wrok Grudge
Stomp Blunt
Oprig Raise, erect
Bors Chest
Omdat Because
Sondig To sin
Nogtans Yet
Trollie Trolley
Sonde Sins
Daarop On it
Smôrens In the morning
Môre Morning
Oktober October
Onderstreep Underline