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Spelling words

NOVA_ESLA_Spelling Bee_80_words_Level#3

WordPart of speech Definition Sentence translate
Allowance Noun To give someone money regularly. My mother gives me a spending allowance each month. Карманные деньги
Attitude Noun A way of thinking or feeling about something. He has a good attitude in class and is learning a lot. Отношение/позиция
Automatically Adverb Something happens as the result of a situation or action, and without you having to do anything. After a while, driving just comes automatically. Автоматически/по привычке
Avoid Verb To prevent something bad from happening. It is important to take measures to avoid the risk of house fires. Избегать
Beautiful Adjective Something pretty or attractive. My wife is so beautiful that everyone wants to marry her. Красивое
Behavior Noun The things that a person or animal does, or the way in which they do them. You should reward your pet for good behavior. Поведение
Benefit Noun An improvement, help that you get from something. My mother did not have the benefit of a university education. Привилегия/выгода
Budget Noun The money that is available to an organization or person. The budget for photography has been cut from the school’s program. Бюджет
Collapsible Adjective Able to be folded so it uses less space. A collapsible chair is useful when you go to the beach. Разборное/складное
Comfortable Adjective To feel good and relaxed. I feel comfortable when I lie on the couch. Комфортное
Contribute Verb To give money, time, ideas in order to help achieve something. The advanced students contribute two hours of their time in the tutoring center. Делать вклад
Corporation Noun A big company, or a group of companies acting together as a single organization. Sam works for a huge Peruvian corporation. Большая компания/корпорация
Courage Noun The quality of being brave when you are facing a difficult or dangerous situation. Driving again after his car accident must have taken a lot of courage. Мужество/храбрость
Culture Noun The beliefs, way of life, art and customs that are shared and accepted by people in a particular society. In American culture, it is rude to ask someone how much money a person earns. Культура
Delicious Adjective Very pleasant to taste or smell. My girlfriend made a delicious chocolate cake for my birthday. Очень вкусный
Demand Verb To say something in a very strong way. Women demand equal pay for equal work! Требовать
Detect Verb To become aware of something by using your senses. I detected danger in the forest and suddenly a bear attacked me! Обнаружить
Disposable Adjective Intended to be used once, or until no longer useful and then thrown away. People used disposable plates, cups and forks at the potluck lunch. Одноразовое
Earn Verb Get money for working. I earned one thousand dollars a month in China. Зарабатывать
Energy Noun Power that is used to produce heat or make machines work. Using solar energy from the sun is becoming very popular. Энергия
Enthusiasm Noun A strong feeling of interest and enjoyment about something. Victor likes jazz very much and shares your enthusiasm for it. Энтузиазм
Environment Noun The natural world especially as affected by human activity. We're trying to protect the environment from pollution. Окружающая среда
Especially Adverb The most important thing. In writing and reading class, we should learn spelling and grammar, but it's especially important to read and write! Самое важное/ в особенности
Experience Noun Something learned by doing. When I work, I get more experience for my future. Опыт
Feature Noun A part of something that you notice because it seems important, interesting, or typical. The most distinctive feature of the dinosaurs was their size. Особенность/черта
Flexible Adjective Something that can be moved or changed easily. My schedule is flexible so I can meet you any day. Гибкий
Focus Noun The thing or person that everyone is paying attention to. At my birthday party, I am always the focus of attention. Внимание/концентрация
Frightened Adjective Describing a feeling where you worry about living or dying. I was frightened when someone knocked on my door at 2 in the morning! Напуганный
Furious Adjective Very angry. She was absolutely furious about the bad situation, so she did something to change it. Разъяренный/неистовый
Goal Noun Something that you hope to achieve in the future. My future goal is to attend a university. Цель
Government Noun The group of people who rule or control a city, state, or country. The government is planning to increase taxes. Правительство
Hilarious Adjective Something that is very funny. The hilarious joke made me laugh until I cried. Веселый
Imagine Verb To form a picture or idea in your mind about what something could be like. Sometimes I imagine that I am a fluent English speaker. Воображать/предполагать
Influence Noun Power to affect the way someone or something develops without direct force. The gang leader had a strong influence over the teenager. Влияние
Intelligent Adjective To learn quickly. The monkey is an intelligent animal. Интеллектуальный/умный
Interrupt Verb To stop someone from continuing what they are saying or doing by suddenly speaking to them or making a noise. I am sorry to interrupt your lunch, but need your report now. Прерывать
Manners Noun Polite ways of behaving in social situations. It is bad manners to talk with your mouth full. Манеры
Marvelous Adjective Wonderful, fantastic. My vacation in New York City was marvelous, and I will never forget it. Чудесный
Mountain Noun land that goes up really high in the sky. I climbed a tall mountain seven years ago. Гора
Obedient Adjective Doing what someone tells you to do. The obedient child always listened to her parents. Послушный
Oppression Noun When someone treats a group of people unfairly or cruelly and prevents them from having the same rights as other people. Will there be an end to racial oppression? Притеснение/угнетение
Optional Adjective You can choose; it's up to you. Some of my college classes are optional, so I can decide what I will take. Дополнительный/необязательный
Opponent Noun Someone you try to defeat in a competition or fight. Brazil's opponent in the soccer final will be Argentina. Противник
Plain Adjective Nothing extra, very simple. I have a plain wall in my bedroom with no or calendars. Простой/ясный
Possession Noun Anything you own. The new student’s favorite possession was a photo of his family. Владение/обладание
Pollution Noun Dirty air or dirty water. The level of air pollution is rising. Загрязнение
Pores Noun Tiny holes in your skin. Don't block your pores with body paint. Your skin needs to breathe! Поры
Prefer Verb To want something first; your number one choice. Banana Republic is the clothing store that I prefer. Предпочитать
Pretend Verb To act like someone else. Some policemen drive plain cars and pretend to be just a normal person. Притворяться/симулировать
Probably Adverb Something likely to happen. After the semester ends, most students will probably take a break from studying. Вероятно/по всей видимости
Psychologist Noun A person trained in psychology. A psychologist asked me a large number of questions about my feelings. Психолог
Purchase Noun To buy; to give money for something. I can purchase snacks from the vending machine. Покупка
Reason Noun The cause or fact that explains why something happens or exists. People give different reasons for wanting to change jobs. Причина
Remember Verb To think about the past. I remember playing an interesting chess game. Помнить
Representative Noun Like a symbol. Mickey Mouse is the representative of Disneyland. Представитель/символ
Researcher Noun Someone who studies a subject in detail in order to discover new facts or test new ideas. Researchers say that it is easier to lose weight if you eat three square meals a day. Исследователь
Respect Noun A feeling of admiring someone for what they do. I respect my mother and my father because they raise me to be responsible. Уважение
Responsibility Noun Something that it is your job or duty. Students have a responsibility to be hardworking and do their homework. Обязанности
Shelter Noun A place to protect us. We have many shelters at our school during a disaster. Пристанище/убежище
Significant Adjective Sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention or noteworthy. In times of stress, her dreams seemed to her especially significant. Символичный/означающее
Spectacular Adjective Very impressive China has mountainous areas with spectacular scenery. Яркое зрелище
Stigma Noun A strong feeling in society that a particular situation or having a particular illness is something to be ashamed of. In the United States, smoking carries a stigma. Ярлык/клеймо
Strength Noun The physical power and energy that makes someone strong. I'm trying to build up my strength after a long illness. Сила/мощь
Successful Adjective To do well. She has excellent study habits, so she will be a successful student. Успешный
Talent Noun A natural ability to do something well. The artist has a lot of talent, and her work is fresh and interesting. Талант
Temperature Noun A measure of how hot or cold something is. The water temperature was just right for swimming. Температура
Thorough Adjective Complete, detailed. Before he entered the military, he had a thorough physical exam. Тщательный/основательный
Tooth Noun The part of the body used to chew food. My tooth hurts a lot, so I will see a dentist. tradition Noun what people used to do and still do Being thrifty is a tradition of Chinese people. Зуб
Trend Noun The way a situation is changing or developing. She follows all the latest trends in fashion. Мода/течение/тренд
Terrible Adjective Something wrong or a mistake. I got 20% on my test. It was terrible! Ужас/внушающий страх
Tournament Noun A series of games in which players compete until there is a winner. John wins every chess tournament that he enters. Турнир/спортивное соревнование
Type Noun A kind of something. What type of drink do you want? Тип
Typical Adjective Having the usual features or qualities of a particular group. On a typical day in my country, it is sunny and warm. Типичный
Unaware Adjective Having no knowledge of a situation or fact. They were unaware of his absence, so they did not know he was missing. Не подозревающий
Universal Adjective Involving everyone in the world or in a particular group. Stories about animals have universal interest to children. Универсальный
Vacation Noun A fun time when you are not working. I had a relaxing vacation at Virginia Beach two years ago. Отпуск/каникулы
Variety Noun Lots of different things. The vending machine has a variety of snacks. Разнообразие
Weird Adjective Unusual or strange. She dyed her hair a weird color. Странный
Tradition Noun What people used to do and still do. Being thrifty is a tradition of Chinese people. Традиция
Advice Noun An opinion you give someone about what they should do You should follow my advice if you want to be a good student. Совет
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