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CK-Verbs er/ir Yo>GO

Verbs Irregular er/ir Change to GO in Yo Present Tense - Acalanes Adult Ed

poner put, place pongo
componer compose, repair, fix
descomponer break down
exponer expose, exhibit, display
posponer postpone
proponer propose, suggest
reponer replace
suponer suppose, assume
imponer impose, command
disponer dispose, arrange, order
openderse be against, refuse
tener have (also E>IE) tengo
contener contain (also E>IE)
detener stop (also E>IE)
entretener amuse (also E>IE)
traer bring traigo
caer fall caigo
recaer relapse
hacer do, make hago
salir leave, go out salgo
venir come (also E>IE) vengo
decir say, tell (also E>I) digo
valer be worth, cost valgo
mantener maintain, keep up, support, provide for (also E>IE)
obtener obtain (also E>IE)
sostener sustain, support, maintain, uphold (also E>IE)
decaer decay
bendecir bless (also E>I)
maldecir curse (also E>I)
intervenir interfere (also E>IE)
oír hear oigo, oyes, oye, oímos, oyen
Created by: Kusscate