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CK-Verbs O>UE Irreg

Verbs Irregular Stem Change O>UE Present Tense - Acalanes Adult Ed

contar count
poder be able, can
dormir sleep
acostar go/put to bed
encontrar find, meet
probar prove, taste
recordar remember
morir die
colgar hang (up)
mover move (something)
mostrar show
soƱar (con) dream (about)
volar fly
aprobar approve
costar coat
volver come back
almorzar eat lunch
cocer bake, cook
conmover move (emotionally)
demolar demolish
demostrar demonstrate
devolver return something
disolver dissolve
doler hurt
envolver wrap
apostar bet
consolar console
forzar force
llover rain
moler grind
morder bite
oler smell
promover promote
revolver stir
soltar free, let loose
sonar make a sound, ring
absolver absolve
retorcer twist, wring (also C>Z in YO)
rogar beg, pray (for)
soler be accustomed to
torcer twist (also C>Z in YO - tuerzo) tuerce
tronar dream
acordar(se) de remember
jugar (a) play (a game or sport) (u to ue)
resolver resolve, solve
tostar toast
Created by: Kusscate