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Level G Unit 3

Cavort (v.) to romp or prance around exuberantly; to make merry
Credence (n.) belief, mental acceptance
Decry (v.) to condemn, express strong disapproval; to officially depreciate
Dissemble (v.) to disguise or conceal, deliberately give a false impression
Distraught (adj.) very much agitated or upset as a result of emotion or mental conflict
Eulogy (n.) a formal statement of commendation; high praise
Evince (v.) to display clearly, to make evident, to provoke
Exhume (v.) to remove from a grave; to bring to light
Feckless (adj.) lacking in spirit and strength; ineffective, weak; irresponsible, unreliable
Murky (adj.) dark and gloomy, obscure; lacking in clarity and precision
Nefarious (adj.) wicked, depraved, devoid of moral standards
Piquant (adj.) stimulating to the taste or mind; spicy, pungent; appealingly provocative
Primordial (adj.) developed or created at the very beginning; going back to the most ancient times or earliest stage; fundamental, basic
Propinquity (n.) nearness in place or time; kinship
Substantive (adj.) real, having a solid basis; considerable in number or amount; meaningful and on topic
Unwonted (adj.) not usual or expected; not in character
Utopian (adj.) founded upon or involving a visionary view of an ideal world; impractical
Verbiage (n.) language that is too wordy or inflated in proportion to the sense or content, wordiness; a manner of expression
Verdant (adj.) green in tint or color; immature in experience or judgement
Viscous (adj.) having a gelatinous or gluey quality, lacking in easy movement or fluidity
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