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Irregular verbs

Present, to past simple and past participle

be was/ been
become became/ become
begin began/ begun
break broke/ broken
bring brought/ brought
build built/ built
buy bought/ bought
can could/ -
catch caught/ caught
choose chose/ chosen
come came/ come
cost cost/ cost
cut cut/ cut
do did/ done
drink drank/ drunk
drive drove/ driven
eat ate/ eaten
fall fell/ fallen
feel felt/ felt
find found/ found
fly flew/ flown
forget forgot/ forgotten
get got/ got
give gave/ given
go went/ gone
grow grew/ grown
have had/ had
hear heard/ heard
hit hit/ hit
keep kept/ kept
know knew/ known
learn learnt/ learnt
leave left/ left
lend lent/ lent
let let/ let
lose lost/ lost
make made/ made
meet met/ met
pay paid/ paid
put put/ put
read read/ read
ring rang/ rung
run ran/ run
say said/ said
see saw/ seen
sell sold/ sold
send sent/ sent
shut shut/ shut
sing sang/ sung
sit sat/ sat
sleep slept/ slept
speak spoke/ spoken
spend spent/ spent
stand stood/ stood
steal stole/ stolen
swim swam/ swum
take took/ taken
teach taught/ taught
tell told/ told
think thought/ thought
throw threw/ thrown
understand understood/ understood
wake woke/ woken
wear wore/ worn
win won/ won
write wrote/ written
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