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Spanish General

Décimo/a 10th
Primero/a 1st
Segundo/a 2nd
tercero/a 3rd
cuarto/a 4th or quarter
quinto/a 5th
sexto/a 6th
séptimo/a 7th
octavo/a 8th
Noveno/a 9th
hace un rato a while ago
hace un momento a while ago
Ya Already
siempre Always
Brazos Arms
cruzar los dedos Cross your Fingers
peligroso dangerous
Danés Danish
Hacer deporte Do sport
el dibujo Drawing
Durante During
alguna vez ever
Caro Expensive
Que tengas un feliz día Have a happy day
He visitado a + una persona Have visited + person, with A
He visitado + una cosa Have visited + place
Como se dice…? How do you say…?
Yo soy seguro I am sure
No Lo Recuerdo I don’t remember
Conozco a mis amigos desde hace mucho años I know my friends from many years ago
Quedé con él por cuarta vez I met him for the 4th time
Conocí a mis amigos hace muchos años I met my friends many years ago
Voy a volver I will return
voy a viajar a Las Vegas I will travel to Las Vegas
Hace 30 grados It’s 30 degrees
últimamente lately
nunca Never
Nadie Nobody / No-one
encima de on top of
parecer (noun) opinion
recientemente Recently
Lento Slow
Algunas Veces Sometimes
todavía Still
al día siguiente the next day
la chuleta the notes
el paciente the patient
esta mañana This morning
Alegrarse to cheer up, to make happy
encontrar to find
Pretender to Intend
irse to leave
parecerse to look alike
Quedar to meet
LLOVER to rain
alquilar to rent / to rent out
Retomar to resume
parecer (verb) to seem
Afeitarse to shave
soportar to stand/ to support
alojarse to stay (location)
agradecer to thank
Hoy Today
mañana tomorrow
Cuando era más joven When i was younger
Ayer Yesterday
aumentar to increase
bajar to go down / to lower
subir to go up / to raise
Este fin de semana las temperaturas van a subir/aumentar This weekend the temperatures are going to go up
echar de menos to miss
Esperar to wait, hope, expect, wait for
Las tengo al lado I have them nearby
aumentar las temperaturas to increase the temperatures
No sé qué pasa I don't know what's going on
Voy a quedar con un amigo I'm going to meet a friend
¡Qué aproveche! enjoy your meal
enseñar to teach
robar to steal
divertirse to enjoy oneself
aburrirse to be bored
principios beginning
tardar to take (taking a long time)
realizar to carry out / to make / to do
darse cuenta to realize
contigo with you
conmigo with me
las palabrotas swearword
miedo fear
Me da miedo una cosa I'm afraid of one thing
seguir to follow
despegar to take off
el despegue the takeoff
aterrizar to land
Me da pavor volar en avión I'm terrified of flying
llevarse bien to get along
llevarse mal con to be on bad terms with
alguien someone / somebody
Aún Still / yet
todavía Still / yet
Ya Already
Lo Tengo I have it
Susto Scare
Enterrado Buried
Tan So (so much)
solicitar to request
Mandar to order
hoja leaf, sheet
plan / planes the plan / programme
plano the level / the map
mudanza move / change
la caja box / cash register
cartón cardboard
desalojar to vacate
mudarse to move
manitas handyman
ambos both
apoyar to support, to rest
de esta manera in this way
quincena fortnight
coger to grab / to take
gobierno government
un día festivo holiday
riesgo risk
embarazada pregnant, pregnant woman
quedarse embarazada to get pregnant
mellizos twins
hoguera bonfire
¿Qué tal lo pasaste? Did you have a good time?
teclado keyboard
una carrera a race / a career
acostarse to go to bed
sentarse to sit
el despertador alarm clock
descafeinado decaffeinated
tanto so much
demasiado too much
pesadilla nightmare
Que tengas un buen día Have a nice day
últimamente lately / recently
gafada to jinx
entrenador the coach / the trainer
descansar to rest
quedarse to stay
boda wedding
herramientas tools
asistir to attend
atender to look after, to attend to
traspasar to go through, to transfer
intentar to try
paisaje landscape
sabor flavour
comprobar to check / to prove
corregir to correct
sed thirst
un portátil laptop
ventaja advantage
desventaja disadvantage
ESTRESARSE to get stressed
un partido de fútbol a football game
regar to water
recoger to pick up / to gather
PINTARSE to put one's makeup on
encendida on (turned on)
sonar to ring
Abrir to open
CONTESTAR el teléfono answer the telephone
COGER el teléfono answer the telephone
APAGAR to turn off
reconocer to recognise
consejo advice
tuya yours
tuyo yours
andar to go
ocupado busy
un lío a mess
Lioso messy
delimitar to define
restringir to restrict
la restricción restriction
alcanzar to reach
despedir to say goodbye, to fire
el techo ceiling
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