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The element X, in the table below, has 3 naturally occurring isotopes. The masses (amu) and % abundances of the isotopes are given in the table below. The average atomic mass of the element is _______ amu. Isotope Abundance Mass 221x 74.2 220.4
Isotopes are atoms that have the same number of _____ but a different number of ______. Protons; neutrons
The charge on the copper ion in the salt CuO is _______ +2
Which of the following atoms has the smallest number of neutrons? Nitrogen-20
What is the molecular formula for 1-propanol? C3H7OH
The gold foil experiment performed in Rutherford's lab ____ Led to the discovery of the atomic nucleus
Which isotope has 45 neutrons? 80 35 Br
Elements in the same group of the periodic table typically have similar _____ physical & chemical properties
There are ___ electrons, ____ protons, and_____ neutrons in an atom of the element below 132 54 Xe 54,54,78
The charge on an electron was determined ____ during the Millikan oil drop experiment
Of the following, the smallest & lightest subatomic particle is the ___ electron
Which statement below correctly describes how alpha, beta, and gamma radiation are affected by an electric field? Alpha & beta are deflected in opposite directions, while gamma shows no response
There are ___ protons, ____neutrons, and _____electrons in 238U+5 N3-
Which pair of elements would you expect to exhibit the greatest similarity in their physical & chemical properties? Ca, Sr
Of the 3 types of radioactivity characterized by Rutherford, which is/are electrically charged? a-rays & B-rays
Barium reacts w/ a polyatomic ion to form a compound w/the general formula Ba3(X)2. What would be the most likely formula for the compound formed between sodium & the polyatomic ion X? Na3X2
Which one of the following molecular formulas is also an empirical formula? H2O
Which one of the following compounds is chromium (111) oxide? Cr2O3
How many carbon atoms are there in 52.06g of carbon dioxide? 7.122x10 -23
One mole of ___ contains the smallest number of atoms NaCl
A sample of CH4O w/a mass of 32.0g contains___ molecules of CH4O 6.02 x 10 to the 23rd power
One mole of ___ contains the largest number of atoms C10H8
When the equation CH4 + O2 --> CO2 + H2O is balanced, what are the coefficients? 1,2,1,2
When a hydrocarbon burns in air, what component of air reacts? Oxygen
How many moles of pyridine (C5H5N) are contained in3013g of pyridine? 0.0396
How many oxygen atoms are contained in 2.74g of Al2(SO4)3? 5.79x 10 to the 22rd power
The molecular weight of the ethanol (C2H5OH), rounded to the nearest integer, is ___ amu 46


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