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Buzzword Assessment

Unit 4 Buzzword Assessment

TermPart of SpeechSynonym/Definition
Smuggle Verb Pirate / To import and export goods in violation of law
Ally Noun Partner / A person, group, or nation that unites with others for a common cause
Neurotic Adjective Paranoid / Affected by worry due to mental disturbance
Bystander Noun Observer / a person who is present but not involved
Conservatory Noun School of arts
Caricature Noun Satire / an exaggerated representation of a person for comic effect
Pragmatic Adjective Sensible / Concerned with practical matters
Persecute Verb Injure / To pursue with harassing or brutal treatment
Diverge Verb Separate / To split and move out in different directions
Resistance Noun Defiance / an underground organization that engages in sabotage
Propaganda Noun Brainwashing / Information, ideas, or rumors spread to help a person or group
Recuperate Verb Recover/ Recover from illness or exertion
Barracks Noun Camp / a building or group of buildings used to house people
Liberation Noun Release / the act of setting free
Schelp Verb Lug / To haul or carry awkwardly
Created by: 22denney