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Spanish Vocabulary

Vocabulary we used for writing essays

Me gusta I like
Gustar To like
Me encanta I love it
Encantar To love
Por que Why.?
Porque Because
Es bueno It's good
Es malo It's bad
Es fantastico Fantastic
Es interesante Interesting
La comida Food
Comer To eat
Escribir To write
Ir To go
Hacer To make/to do
Lavarse To wash myself or oneself
Ducharse To shower
Dormir To sleep
La playa Beach
La escuela School
El cine Movies
El jabon Soap
Toballa Towel
El champu Shampoo
El Verano Summer
La primavera Spring
Beber To drink
Jugar To play
Cantar To sing
Bano Bathroom
Almorcer Lunch
Futbol Soccer
Perro Dog
Pero But
Y And
O Or
A At
En In
Lavantarse To get up
Es terrible Terrible
Es horrible Horrible
Quiero I want
Cuando when
Antes de Before
Despues de After
Aburrido Bored
Gimnasio Gym
Restaurante Restaurant
Caramelo Candy
La casa House
Ciencias Science
Maestro Teacher
Con With
Mirar To look
Todos los Dias Everyday
Dormirse To fall asleep
Despertarse To wake up
Banarse To bathe/shower
Afeitarse To shave
Pienarse To comb your hair
Vestirse To get dressed
Securse Day off
El cepillo The brush
La pasta de dientes Toothpaste
Created by: Gmtassa23