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Sensory experience Accumulation of info from senses and personal experiences
Easiest source of solving problems Expert opinions
Logic Scientific approach provides reliable info that can be supported by evidence.empirically verifiable
All men are mortal Axiom. Major premise
Aristotle is a man Fact but not very general. Minor premise
Aristotle is mortal Logical conclusion
One form of perfect induction. Inventor Frances bacon.enumeration.observe all detailed facts then generelize
Logical reasoning Combination of inductive and deductive
Best for spread of scores SD
Correlation=.85 make prediction 72 به توان ۲
Size of corerelation coefficient depends on Range of scores
Correlation matrix Systematic representation of correlation bw all variables
Addition of similar scores Can push up a low correlation coefficient
For ordinal data best way to obtain correlation coefficient Spearman rank order
Content validity is Nonepmirical.not related to numbers
When external criterion is relatively subjective.. Cc cant be higher than .5
Point biserial correlation Correlation bw each single item and total test
Item facility IF EASINESS OF ITEM بالای ۰۶۳ خیلی آسان
ITEM discrimination Bw high and low level students
Choice distribution Efficiency of distracters
Max item variability .25 یعنی ۵۰درصد قبول ۵۰ درصد رد شده
Most important task in pretesting Preparing directions
Ibid In the same place
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