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English 1 Final

Amenity pleasantness resulting from agreeable terms
Cultivated developed by human care and for human use
Droll comical in an odd or whimsical manner
Condone excuse, overlook
Quarry animal hunted or caught for food
Zealous enthusiasm
Uncanny unusual
Imperative important/required
Correlate mutual relation
Expendable suitable to be used up
Infinitesimally immeasurably small
Paradox a statement that contradicts itself
Resilient recovering from adversity, depression
Subliminal below the threshold of conscious perception
Stagnating stand still
Undulate move in waves
Boon something desirable
Condescending characteristic of those who treat others with arrogance
Derisive ridicule
Exodus escape
Fractious easily annoyed
Genesis start, coming into being
Immutable unchanging over time
Rancor deep hatred
Adversary enemy
Fracas loud, noisy
Lacerate to cut
Nefarious evil
Patrician an aristocrat, noble being
Saucy sassy, rude
Created by: a.lockwood



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