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English 10B Final

American Lit Final

Enlightenment An era of reason and logical thinking where people questioned previously accepted truths about who held power
The Great Awakening A new wave of religious revival because people had forgotten the Puritan's original mission
What was the most influential or the driving force for Puritans? Their religion and relationship with God
What did the Puritan sermons often focus on? The wrath (anger) of God if people should go astray and disobey Him
Explain the concept of "the city upon a hill" This explains how the Puritans thought God had selected them to be an example for other people to look up to them as a way to live their lives for God
Who were "the elect"? The Puritans thought God had chosen a few people to save from hell.
How was the world formed in the story "World on the Turtle's Back"? Woman fell through the hole in the Sky World, grabbed some dirt and roots on the way down, landed on a turtle's back where all life grew from the roots.
What did the twins in "World on the Turtle's Back" represent? Good vs. evil
What do we learn about the Iroquois' relationship with nature in "World on the Turtle's Back"? They respected and revere animals and nature
What did the coyote do to the buffalo's skull at the beginning of the story "The Coyote and the Buffalo"? The coyote made fun of the bones and gave the skull a kick, so the buffalo chases the coyote.
How does the coyote gain Buffalo Bull's friendship in "The Coyote and the Buffalo"? he makes the buffalo horns
How does Buffalo Bull thank the coyote for making him horns? He give the coyote a young cow but warns him to only eat the fat and the cow will feed the coyote forever
What is the theme of "The Coyote and the Buffalo"? It pays to befriend your enemy; greed will be punished; tricksters are more likely to get tricked themselves
What rumors about Indians had Cabeza de Vaca's men heard about before they landed in the story "La Relacion?" They heard that the natives were untamed savages and would sacrifice people
What happened when the men tried to leave the island in the story "La Relacion"? Their barge sank and two men drowned
What surprised the Spanish about the Indians after the barge sank and the men died? The Indians cried and wailed for the Spanish
How were the Indians and the Spanish alike at the end of the story in "La Relacion"? Both believed in a higher power and relied on that power to heal the sick; both realized the other was not as they had been told and were kind people
What voyage is Equiano taking in the story "The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano"? He was captured in Africa and being brought to Americas as a slave to be sold
Why is Equiano being taken to America? He is being brought to the Americas as a slave to be sold
Why was Equiano whipped? Because he refused to eat
Describe the conditions on the ship in "The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano". people were chained to the bottom of the ship, the air was suffocating, people were whipped/beaten, nets were set up so people couldn't jump overboard
What did Equiano pray for on the ship? He prayed for death because it would be a welcome relief compared to the conditions on the ship
What did Equiano witness upon arriving in the Americas that jarred him? the auction and sale of slaves and families being broken up
What did Equiano find hypocritical about his captors He called them "nominal Christians" because they did not act like real Christians should
What does Bradstreet value more than gold in "To My Dear and Loving Husband"? her husband
Who will allow Bradstreet and where does she hope she will be able to repay her husband? She hopes that God will allow her to repay her husband with eternal life in heaven where they will be together again.
How does Bradstreet use hyperbole in her poem? She exaggerates her love for her husband to make her point when she says love is more precious than mines of gold, riches in the East
What term captures how the Pilgrims view their relationship with God and his influence in their lives in the story "Of Plymouth Plantation"? Divine Providence - it was God's will and care that provided for them
What did the Pilgrims expect the Native Americans to be like in "Of Plymouth Plantation"? They expected them to be "savage barbarians" but instead found them to be compassionate and helpful in teaching them how to survive and sharing resources
How were the Pilgrims ill prepared for the New World? They landed in the winter and didn't have enough provisions to survive, didn't have shelter, and many died from disease
How does Squanto help the Pilgrims? He acted as an interpreter, showed them how to plant corn, and helped broker a peace treaty
What is the purpose of Edward's sermon in "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?" to scare people into behaving and scare them into accepting Jesus Christ
What imagery does Edwards use in his sermon? furnace for the fires of hell; spider dancing over the pits of hell; God's arrow pointed at the spider's string ready to cut the string
What is the Calvinist belief of predestination? God had already pre-determined who would be saved and who wouldn't, only a select few would be saved
According to the sermon, we are all still here and alive but for the grace of whom? God, but whenever he wanted to, he could send us all to the pits of hell
What was the only way to be saved, according to Edwards? a personal conversion and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
If the colonists don't fight now, what does the author of "Speech to the Virginia Convention" say the colonists can look forward to? submission and slavery for England
What have the colonists been doing for 10 years but hasn't worked sending petitions and nonviolent efforts to King George III, but he's ignored them all
Name at least 3 reasons that now is the time to fight. if not now, we won't be able to resist; millions are ready to fight now; God will help us win; it's too late to back down now; already tried peaceful methods
What does Patrick Henry mean when he says, "Give me liberty or give me death"? he'd rather die than live under a tyrant
Name 4 sections of the Declaration of Independence preamble (reason for the document), declaration of rights (list of people's rights); a list of complaints; a conclusion (formally stating America's independence)
Who gives people their rights? God
List at least 3 of the colonists' complaints in "Declaration of Independence" dissolving legislatures, maintaining arms in peacetime; preventing trade with the rest of the world; taxation without representation; no trials by juries; hiring mercenaries; no right to bear arms
When does Jefferson say people must rise up to abolish the government and start a new one? when it no longer serves the people and abuses them
How is "The Crucible" an allegory? It is an allegory for the Cold War. Sen McCarthy went on a witch hunt to find Communists. People were accused without proof, couldn't defend themselves
What role does Tituba play in the story? She introduces the girls to witchcraft. Later she was easy to blame for the problems
What is Reverend Parris's main concern throughout the play? He is concerned about getting paid and not losing his position in the church because he fears he is about to get kicked out and the congregation is against him
Why doesn't John Proctor like Rev. Parris? Because he finds Parris is too showy and self-involved caring only about his salary and gold candlesticks for his alter
What is John Proctor accused of in the play? affair, not being a good Christian, harboring witchcraft
What is Rebecca Nurse accused of witchcraft and killing Goody Putnam's babies
What is Giles Corey accused of stealing his neighbor's land with frivolous lawsuits
What is Abigail Williams accused of witchcraft, communing with the devil
How does Rev. Hale change from the beginning to the end of the play? at the beginning he is overconfident he will root out the devil; as the play goes on he loses his standing in the community and makes the hysteria worse
Why is Abigail the villain in the play? She falsely accuses others and threatens to kill them if they go against her wishes
What ultimately happens to Abigail? She steals Parris's money and runs away
Name 3 reasons hysteria grips Salem which allows the Witch Trials to happen people are very religious; the town's people already have disputes and conflicts; teenagers were bored
Name 3 ways Abigail redirects attention away from herself during the trials. fainting; seeing a yellow bird in the rafters; feeling a cold chill; accusing others of witchcraft
Why does Proctor finally reveal his affair? so he can save his wife after she is accuse of being a witch;
What is a crucible? A pot for melting metal; a personal test or trial
How are Tom and his wife alike in "The Devil and Tom Walker"? Both are mean-spirited, conniving, and selfish people
What is Tom Walker and his wife's marriage like? They are physically and emotionally abusive to each other
What does the dark forest in "The Devil and Tom Walker" represent? It represents the devil's domain; the trees are people the devil has made a deal with
How does Tom Walker react when he meets the devil? Tom is not phased because the devil is not as bad as his wife
Why does Tom Walker reject the devil's offer of gold? It would make his wife mad
What happened to Tom Walker's wife? She goes to make a deal with the devil; bits of her body are found tied up in an apron in a tree
What deal does Tom Walker make with the devil? He becomes a money lender charging high interest rates
How does Tom Walker try to get out of his deal with the devil? He goes to church, prays loudly, carries a Bible
What happens to Tom Walker at the end of the story? the devil comes for him and all of his wealth turns to dust
What do "A Psalm of Life " and "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls" teach us? Live life to the fullest!
What animal should we not be like? (in "A Psalm of Life " and "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls") dumb cattle because they follow blindly
What role do waves play in the poems "A Psalm of Life " and "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls"? the waves remind us that nature is in control; nature/time wash away our impact on the world
Transcendentalism is an intellectual movement that emphasizes the dignity of the __________________. individual
Transcendentalism says people should live a __________________ life. simple
Living a simple life can best be achieved by going into ______________. nature
What does it mean to "transcend"? to go beyond, to go above
Transcendentalism says _______________, _______________, and ______________ are all interconnected. nature, God, humankind
Transcendentalism says all people are inherently ________________ and should follow their own conscience good
What did Emerson believe about envy and imitation? that is hopeless; people should accept themselves and not be jealous of others
On whom did Emerson believe people should rely? themselves; be self-reliant
According to Emerson, who are the greatest people? the people that are misunderstood or controversial (like Jesus)
How can going into the woods transform a man? A man will feel young again, gives a sense of calm
Where did Thoreau go to live? into nature at Walden Pond
What does Thoreau mean when he says he wants to "suck out all marrow of life"? to tap into the deepest, most meaningful parts of life
How does Thoreau view newspapers? they are worthless as they do not contain any memorable or important information
How is the reason Thoreau went into the woods the same reason he left? he went in to experience life and something new; he left when he felt he had fallen into a rut/ a routine
What war disgusted Thoreau and made him distrust governments? The Mexican- American War
Even though Thoreau was jailed for not paying his taxes, why did he say he was still more free? he stood up for his principles
Who are the 2 mockingbirds in "To Kill a Mockingbird"? Tom Robinson and Boo Radley
How is TKMB a "coming of age" or "innocence to experience" story? We see Scout grow up and mature over the 3 years and learn to understand many things
Why does Dr. Heidegger invite 2 guests to his lab? to see if the fountain of youth water really works
What is in the cut glass vase in "Dr. Heidegger"? How does he illustrate its power? water from the fountain of youth; he puts a dried up rose in the water and it comes back to life
Why does the Prince come to the abbey in "The Masque of Red Death"? to escape the Red Death and get away from the spread of the disease
What happens in the end of "The Masque of Red Death"? The prince and all of the guests are killed by Red Death
What is the lottery? an annual gathering where someone's name is drawn and s/he is stoned to death by people in the village
Who "wins" the lottery? Tessie Hutchinson
Name an example of foreshadowing in "The Lottery" The boys gather a pile of stones, people are nervous before the drawing
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