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English 8

Short Stories

The Landlady Summary Billy enters a "Bed and Breakfast" and realizes he has seen the guest list in the newspaper. The landlady gave him tea that had been poison.
Foreshadowing in The Landlady Clues that hint about what will happen later in the story of the fate of Billy.
Climax of The Landlady Readers can only assume Billy will meet the same fate as Temple and Mulholland.
Raymond's Run Summary Squeaky is in charge of looking after her brother Raymond. Rosie and Mary Louise pick on Raymond. Squeaky is a fast runner and encourages Raymond to keep running.
Dialect in Raymond's Run "I don't feature a whole lot of chit-chat"
Allusion in Raymond's Run "It's going to be one of those Dodge City scenes..."
The Treasure of Lemon Brown Greg isn't allowed to play ball because he is failing math and is mad at his father. After meeting a homeless man named Lemon Brown, Greg understands his father's point of view better.
Setting of Lemon Brown Harlem, New York where the author grew up.
Camp Harmony During WWII, Monica and her family were placed in an internment camp. They are being relocated because the allegiance of ALL Japanese Americans is being questioned.
Autobiography, Camp Harmony Monica Sone tells about her own real-life experiences.
Theme of Camp Harmony Innocent people sometimes pay for crimes they did not commit
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