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English ii EOC

oxymoron a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear side by side
paradox a statement that seems to contradict itself or to be silly but that contains a hidden truth
inference a conclusion reached through evidence and reasoning (to infer to reach a conclusion through evidence)
figurative language language that is not meant to be taken literally
connotation the idea or feeling a word creates,in addition to its literal meaning
anecdote a short and interesting or funny story about a real event or person
structure how the information within a written text is oranized
theme/central idea a main message,idea,or lesson in a piece of writing that may be stated directly or indirectly
rhetorical question a question asked for effect,not requiring an answer
understatement presenting something as if it is smaller or less important than it is
allusion a reference to a famous person or event,often from literature or history
point of view the author's or character's perspective on a topic
Created by: Makayla brooks