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Vocab Test 9

Vocab Final Semester 2 Nawcoki

Narcissism Noun- An exceptional interest in and admiration of oneself
Vindication Noun- Proof that something is right or justified
Gumption Noun- Courage, spunk, determination
Impudent Adj- Mischievous or disrespectful
Lascivious Adj- Inclines to lustfulness and sexual desire
Repudiate Verb- To reject with disapproval or condemnation
Prefatory Adj- Beginning or introductory
Didactic Adj- Excessively instructive or informative
Mendacity Noun- The tendency to lie; untruthfulness
Peremptorily Adverb- In an imperative and commanding manner
Petulant Adj- Describes a person or behavior that is irritable in a childish way; easily annoyed
Dogmatic Adj- Describes someone who follows rules no matter what; narrow-minded
Sanguinary Adj- Bloody, characterized by bloodshed
Degradation Noun- Loss of dignity or self-respect
Castigate Verb- Reprimand in an especially harsh way; inflict severe punishment on
Perfunctory Adj- Done as part of a routine or duty, often without care or enthusiasm
Opulence Noun- Wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living
Coquette Noun- A seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
Despot Noun- A cruel, all-controlling ruler
Misogyny Prejudice directed towards women
Phonetics A field of study that examines the sounds of speech
Cockney The dialect of a person from the eastern suburbs of Bow and the city of London
Shavian A style of writing using stage direction with social background, prefatory essays, and discussion within the play as social criticism
The Victorian Period When Queen Victoria had power from 1837-1901 with the stereotype of hypocritical, stuffy, narrow-minded people
Aristocracy A privileged class holding hereditary titles
Socio Economic Status Measured combination of education, occupation, and income (SES)
Middle Class Morality Implies a responsibility and concern for others including support for family and respect for the law; urges wise spending and saving
Tableau Vivant A static scene that is stationary and silent to make a visual
Freytag Plot Arc Exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, denouement
Romance Aristocratic literature aimed to teach values of bravery, courage, and genlemanliness
Pygmalion Effect Teacher expectations influence student performance. Positive expectations influence performance positively and vice versa.
Created by: lopiegabby