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Test 12 LA Vocab

Awesome Inspiring terror
Debris Ruins, fragments
Dispersed Scattered, spread, broken up
Eruption Bursting out
Puny Weak, unimportant
As broad as it is long It makes very little difference
Oblitrerate Erase, wipe out
Deplorable Sad, pitable
Initiate Start, set going
Conflagration Great fire
Rue Regret
Blow hot and cold Swing for and against something
Congenial Sympathetic, agreeable
Hoard Hide, store, accumulate
Sage Wise man, philosopher
Aegis Shield, protection, sponsorship
Detriment Injury, damage, hurt
In the doldrums In a bored or depressed state
Longevity Long duration of life
Imbibe Drink
Virile Masterful, manly
Senile Infirm, weak from old age
Doddering Trembling, shaking
Idiom: Burn the midnight oil Study or work late into the night
Rebuke Criticize, reproach, reprimand
Aversian Strong dislike, oposition
Evince Show plainly, exhibit
Vogue Fashion
Supersicial On the surface, slight
Idiom: To strike while the iron is hot To take an action at the right time
Lethargic Lazy, indifferent
Prevalent Prevailing, common, general
Paramount Supreme, foremost
Remiss Careless, negligent
Hostile Antagonistic, angry
Idiom: To split hairs To make fine destinctions
Jettison Throw overboard, discard
Inevitable Sure, uncertain, unavoidable
Lucrative Profitable
Tussle A rough struggle
Intrinsic Essential, natural, inborn
Idiom: Once in a blue moon On a very rare occasion
Acute Sharp, keen, severe
Gist Essence, main point
Transient Passing, short-lived, fleeting
Terse Forceful, convincing, persuasive
Cogent Concise, brief, compact
Idiom: Sleep on it Postpone a decision while giving it some thought
Created by: 203681