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el turismo

GCSE Spanish

Turismo de negocios Establecer relaciones comerciales Business tourism Establishing business relationships/ networking
Turismo activo Practicar actividades deportivas Active tourism Taking part in sporting activities
Ecoturismo/ Turismo verde Eco-tourism/ Green tourism Low impact, environmentally-friendly tourism that cherishes, not destroys
Turismo de salud Heath tourism Travel that focus on medical treatments and the use of healthcare services
Turismo idiomático Aprender un idioma extranjero Linguistic tourism Learning a foreign language (eg by visiting the country to attend a language school)
Turismo de sol y playa Tomar el sol y relajarse en la playa Beach tourism Sunbathing and relaxing on the beach
Turismo gastronómico Degustar alimentos (to try/ taste food) Gastronomica tourism Trips made to destinations where the local food and beverages are the main motivating factors for travel
Turismo cultural Visitar monumentos Cultural tourism Trips made to destinations where the local history/ culture is the main motivating factor for travel
Turismo solidario Participar en programas de voluntariado Voluntourism is the mixing of international volunteering and tourism, also called “volunteer tourism”, “volunteer holidays” and “volunteer travel
Turismo religioso/ espiritual por ejemplo visitar templos sagrados Religious/ Siritual tourism e.g. Visiting sacred temples or taking part in religious pilgrimages or staying in convents/ abbeys
Prefiero el....turismo porque es... I prefer....tourism because it's....
Prefiero el....turismo porque me fascina/ interesa... I prefer....tourism because I'm fascinated/ interested by/ in...
El turismo... es bueno para... ...tourism is good for...
El turismo... es bueno para la economía ...tourism is good for the economy
El turismo... es bueno para la naturaleza/ el medioambiente ...tourism is good for nature/ the environment
El turismo...es mejor para... ...tourism is better for...
El turismo...es malo para... ...tourism is bad for...