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Sueños de la Isla 6

les contó he told them
todos conocieron a everyone met
pues well
fuera outside
chiquito small
suroeste Southwest
se conocen they know each other
la tierra the earth
temblar to tremble
yo me caí I fell
lo único the only thing
humo smoke
en seguida right away
mi casa se cayó my house fell
por todas partes everywhere
le dijo he told him
nunca en mi vida never in my life
había visto I had seen
algo tan terrible something so terrible
le preguntó he asked him
le respondió he answered him
todos se murieron everybody died
queremos ayudarte we want to help you
era tan terrible it was so terrible
pensé que podría buscar I thought I could look for
oigan, muchachos listen, guys
no es justo It's not fair
así que that is how
se quedaba allí he stayed there
bajo la luz de la luna under the light of the moon
le enseñó he taught him
se divirtió he had fun
ya no lloraba he didn't cry anymore
yo los veo I see them
se convirtió he became
le tiraba he threw...to him
la atrapaba he caught it
le echaba una carrera he run against him
lo pasaban muy bien they had a good time
los siguió en secreto he followed them in secret
se dio cuenta he realized
no le gustó la idea the idea was not pleasing to him
se puso furioso he became furious
se enojó más he got more angry
le gritó he yelled at him
se le cayó el bate he dropped the bat
le pegó he hit him
se cayó he fell
se lo voy a contar I am going to tell this to him
Created by: mafeci