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Macbeth vocabulary

8th grade English final

bestows presents as a gift or honor
botches mistakes
unruly difficult to control
tedious tiresome because of extreme slowness
mirth joy
valor courage; strength
infirmity sickness
keen sharp
exploits acts; deeds
scorn reject as unworthy
trifles things of little importance or value
appall frighten
impedes blocks the progress of
dispute resist; go against
muse wonder at; marvel
chastise scold
assailable can be attacked
resolve make a firm decision
deftly skillfully
potent having strong effect or influence
resolute determined or strong
abhorred causing hate and disgust
scorn reject as unworthy
usurper one who seizes and holds power by force
petty insignificant; small minded
vanquish defeated; conquered
cowed destroyed the courage of
gory covered with blood
entreat pass the time
vulnerable sensitive to attack or harm
bane murder; destruction
frets worried
exiled removed forcefully from a country; banished
Created by: ariabelladaniels