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4th Journeys Un. 1-3

alarmed to be surprised, frightened, or amazed by something
reacted acted or responded to something
convey to communicate something or make it known
daring to be fearless, brave, or adventurous
awe is a feeling of mixed fear, respect, and wonder about something
indescribable something that cannot be described
extraordinary unusual, strange, or amazing
fade means to become less bright, loud, or visible
conferring meeting to discuss and compare information
segregation keeping two groups of people apart
encounters experiences with something
recall remember something and tell people about it
preferred liked one thing more than other things
dream a hope for the future
injustice unfairness
captured caught
numerous many
nourishing giving the things needed for good health
example a model of what something should be like
access a way to get something or a way to get somewhere
remote far away
isolated separated from other places or people
impassable impossible to travel across or through
obtain to get something
extremes the highest degree
virtual occurring on a computer rather than in real life
avid eager; excited
devour to eat quickly and hungrily
preserve to maintain and keep safe
assist To help that person.
burglaries To break into buildings and steal things.
innocent Someone who has done nothing wrong.
scheme a detailed plan to get something done.
regretfully Saying something in a way that shows you are sorry.
misjudged To form an incorrect idea about something.
suspect A person who people think might be guilty of a crime.
favor An act of kindness that someone does
speculated To make guesses about it.
prior An event that takes place before something else.
entertaining to be funny or enjoyable
promote to try to make it popular
focus to pay attention to that thing
advertise to inform the public about their products
jolts sudden bursts of energy or excitement
critics people who judge artistic creations
target is a goal or aim
thrilling something that is exciting
angles the directions from which you see things
generated to create or produce something
perceptive observant or alert
reckless careless or thoughtless
glorious something that is wonderful
studio a workshop for an artist
model a sample or small version of something
concerned to be worried
smeared to be blurred or spread around
ruined destroyed
yanked to pull hard or jerk
streak to move quickly
schedule planned program of events
feast a very large meal
generate cause; produce; create
luminous bright; brilliant; glowing
fault when a person is responsible for a mistake
borrow to take something for a while and then return it
reference to use for information
fainted to lose consciousness from fear, hunger, or weakness
genuine to be sincere and honest
local found nearby
apologize to say, "I'm sorry"
proof to show that something is true
slimy slippery and thick
insisted to demand something
python species of snake
evidence proof, facts, information
debut a performer's first public appearance
stubborn strong will
permission to be allowed to do something
hauling pulling or carrying
mournful sad and heartbroken
towered to stand above something or someone
triumph victory, win, success
discouraged to feel hopeless or disappointed
toured to take a trip through a place
border boundary or an edge
liberate set free, to give liberty and freedom
crimson dark or deep red
whirling When something is whirling, it is spinning rapidly in a circle.
rapidly with great speed, quickly, or very fast
condense to change from a gas (water moisture) to a liquid (water droplets)
source what makes, causes, or begins something
rotating turning or going around in a circle
rage storms, winds, seas, or rivers that rage are ones that move in a strong or violent way
experience When people or places experience something,
ancient to exist long ago, or a long time in the past
predict to say what you think will happen before it happens
registered displayed or recorded on an instrument or machine
trembles to shake
wreckage what is left of something that has been ruined
slab a broad, flat piece of something
possessions items that a person owns
tenement a low-quality apartment building
crushing to smash or squash something
rubble broken or crumbled material from a destroyed building
debris pieces of broken things
timbers large pieces of wood used for building
constructed something that is built
difference a changed attribute - the answer to a subtraction problem
pressure force per unit area (pounds per square inch
display something shown publicly
alert to be wide awake and paying attention
weariness feeling physically or mentally tired
fractured cracked, broken
standards rules used for judging or measuring
vision an idea of what something could be like in the future
huddle crowd together
graceful move smoothly and with ease
stranded unable to leave a place
concluded make a decision or form an opinion
social a group in which people or animals live and work together
exchanges things are given and received
excess to have more than you need
reinforce to support or make stronger
storage a place in which supplies are kept
transport to move something from one place to another
chamber a room or enclosed area that has a special purpose
scarce not enough
obstacles things that get in the way
transfers move from one place to another
habitats the environments that animals and plants live in
species a group of plants or animals that are alike
organisms living things such as plants or animals
traces marks left by people, animals, or things
vast great size
directly in a clear and obvious way
affect to have an influence on
variety a number of slightly different things within the same grouping
radiation energy in the form of high frequency rays or waves
banned not allowed, forbidden, not permitted
forbidden prohibited, banned
vary fluctuate or change
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