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Verbs in Spanish

verbs in English and Spanish

to act actuar
to guess adivinar
to rent alquilar
to walk, go andar
to turn off (the light) apagar
to fix arreglar
to help ayudar
to dance bailar
to get off a bus, go down bajar
to change cambiar
to walk caminar
to sing cantar
to have dinner cenar
to cook cocinar
to buy comprar
to answer contestar
to continue continuar
to take care of (people) cuidar
to leave dejar
to rest, relax descansar
to wish desear
to draw ( a picture) dibujar
to last durar
to show, to teach ensenar
to enter entrar
to deliver entregar
to send enviar
to listen to escuchar
to wait, to hope esperar
to ski esquiar
to study estudiar
to explain explicar
to congratulate felicitar
to smoke fumar
to win, to earn money ganar
to spend ( money) gastar
to enjoy gozar
to keep guardar
to speak hablar
to wash lavar
to clean limpiar
to call llamar
to arrive llegar
to wear llevar
to bring llevar
to cry llorar
to send mandar
to look, watch tv mirar
to bother molestar
to swim nadar
to need necesitar
to forget olividar
to pay pagar
to pass pasar
to skate patinar
to paint pintar
to ask a question preguntar
to present, introduce presentar
to lend, loan prestar
to burn quemar
to give a gift regalar
to come back regresar
to check revisar
to rob robar
to pull, take pics sacar
to jump saltar
to greet, to salute saludar
to solicit, ask for solicitar
to be late tardar
to finish, end terminar
to touch, to play intrument tocar
to take, to have a drink/snack tomar
to work trabajar
to try, treat tratar
to hesitate vacilar
to vary variar
to travel viajar
to visit visitar
to learn aprender
to drink beber
to eat comer
to understand comprender
to run correr
to believe creer
to owe, must, should deber
to hide esconder
to read leer
to promise prometer
to answer, respond responder
to break romper
to sell vender
to open abrir
to attend, be present at asistir a
to consist consistir
to insist insistir
to happen, occur, take place ocurrir
to permit, allow permitir
to prohibit, forbid prohibir
to climb, get up. to get on a bus subir
to live vivir
to do, make hacer
to put, set poner
to go out sailir
to fall caer
to bring traer
to know (someone) conocer
to dissappear desaparecer
to deserve merecer
to obey obedecer
to offer ofrecer
to seem, appear parecer
to belong pertenecer
to reconize reconocer
to drive conducir
to produce producir
to translate traducir
to pick, seize, catch coger
to choose escoger
to protect proteger
to pick up recoger
to direct, manage dirigir
to demand exigir
to know (something) saber
to see ver
to be ser
to give dar
to be estar
to go ir
to say, tell decir
to hear oir
to have tener
to come venir
to contain contener
to maintian mantener
to obtain obtener
to go for a walk, ride dar un paseo
to take a stroll dar una vuelta
to thank dar las gracias
to be (feel) hot/warm/cold tener calor/frio
to be (feel) hungry/thirsty tener hambre/sed
to be right/wrong (no) tener razon
to be (feel) sleepy tener sueno
to be afraid tener miedo
to be careful tener cuidado
to be in a hurry tener prisa
to be lucky tener suerte
to be __ years old tener__ anos
to be jealous tener celos
to be embarrased tener verguenza
to be succesful tener excito
to be at fault, guilty tener la culpa
to take place tener lugar
to feel like tener ganas de
to have to, must tener que
to build construir
to destroy destruir
to distribute distribuir
to flee huir
your name el nombre
your last name el apellido
your nationality nacionalidad
place of orgin el pais de origen
the date and place you were born la fecha y el lugar de nacimiento
how old you are el edad
your address and street el domicillio y la direccion
your profession la profesion
single or not el estado civil
documents of identification los documentos de identidad
Argentina/argentinian la Argentina/argentino
Bolivia/bolivian Bolivia/boliviano
Costa Rica/Costa Rican Costa Rica/costarricense
Cuba/cuban Cuba/cubano
Chile/chilenen Chile/chileno
Ecuador/ecuadorian el Ecuador/ecuatoriano
El Salvador/Salvadoian El Salvador/salvadoreño
Spain/ Spanish España/ español(a)
Guatamala/guatamalen Guatemala/guatemalteco
Honduras/ Hondurian Honduras/ hondureño
Mexico/mexican Mexico/mexicano
Nicaragua/Nicaraguan Nicaragua/nicaragüense
Panama/ Panamanian Panamá/ panameño
Paraguy/paraguan Paraguay/paraguayo
Peru/ Peruvian el Perú/ peruano
Puerto Rico/puerto rican Puerto Rico/puertorriqueno
Dominican Rep./dominican la Republica Dominicana/dominicano
Uruguay/uruguyan Uruguay/uruguayo
Venezula/venezulean Venezuela/venezolano
German/german Alemania/aleman(a)
Brazil/Brazilan el Brasil/brasileño
Canada/ Canadian la Canada/ canadiense
China/chinese China/chino
United States/american los Estados Unidos/estdounidense
Filipean/filipino las Filipinas/filipino
Greece/greek Grecia/griego
Netherlands/dutch Holanda/holandes
India/Indian India/indio
Ireland/irish Irlanda/irlandes
Israel/israeli Israel
Japan/japense el Japon/japones
Norway/norwesian Noruega/noruego
Poland/polish Polonia/polaco
Porugal/portugese Portugal/portugues
Russia/russian Rusia/ruso
Sweden/Swedish Suecia/sueco
Switzerland/?? Suiza/suizo
Vietnam/vietnamse Vietnam/vietnamita
bald calvo
scar una cicatriz
chin la barbilla
mustache el bigote
freckles pecas
ponytail una cola de caballo
beautymark un lunar
cheek la mejilla
alarm clock un despertador
to wake up desoertarse
soap el jabon
to wash yourself lavarse
towel una towalla
to dryoff yourself sacarse
to take a bath banarse
to shower ducharse
sissors unas tijeras
to cut yourself cortarse
nails las uñas
beard la barba
toothbrush un cepillo de dientes
to brush your teeth cepillarse los dientes
electric shave una afeitadora electrica
to shave yourself afeitarse
shampoo el champu
curlers unos rulos
to curl yourself rizarse
comb un peine
to comb yourself peinarse
brush un cepillo
blow drier una secardora
lipstick el lápiz de labios
mascara el rimel, la mascara de ojos
mirror el espejo
perfume el perfume
cologne la colonia
deodorant el desodorante
toothpaste el pastel de dientes
razor blade la hoja de afeitar
shaving cream la cream de afeirtar
tweezers las pinzas
makeup el maquillaje
eye shadow la sombra de ojos
hair spray la laca para el cabello
nail polish el esmalte de unas
to get up levantarse
to fix onself up arreglarse
to have breakfast desayunarse
to get dressed vestirse
to put on ponerse
to take off quitarse
to put perfume on perfumarse
to go to bed acostarse
to sit down sentarse
to stay quedarse
to leave, go away irse
to go away marcharse
to hurry darse prisa
to come near, approach acercarse a
to move away alejarse a
to move, budge moverse
to stop (at a place) pararse
to close, shut cerrar
to begin, start comenzar, empezar
to wake up despertar
to think pensar
to break quebrar
to defend defender
to desecend descender
to light, to turn on encender
to understand entender
to loose, to miss a bus perder
to want, to like, to love querer
to warn, advise advertir
to lie mentir
to prefer preferir
to feel; to be sorry sentir
to have lunch almorzar
to tell, relate contar
to cost costar
to find, to meet encontrar
to show mostrar
to try, taste probar
to remember recordar
to ring, sound sonar
to dream sonar
to return, give back devolver
to move mover
to smell oler
to be able to, can poder
to solve resolver
to be used to, accustomed to soler
to come back volver
to sleep dormir
to die morir
to play jugar
to ask for pedir
to laugh to laugh
to repeat repetir
to follow seguir
to serve servir
to smile sonreir
to learn aprender a
to begin something comenzar a, empezar a
to teach something ensenar a
to stop something cesar de
to quit, stop something dejar de
to try something tratar de
to consist of something consistir en
to insist on something insistir en
to hesitate something vacilar en
to dream of sonar con
to have fun divertirse
to make a mistake equivocarse
to move to a new house mudarse
to complain about quejarse de
to fall in love with enamorarse de
to be glad about alegrarse
to forget about olividarse de
to remember recoder
to refuse to negarse
to say goodbye too despedirse de
to laugh at reirse de
to make fun of burlarse de
to get quiet callarse
to get angry enojarse/enfadarse
to get burnt quemarse
to get lost perderse
to get bored aburrirse
to get tired cansarse
to get ready prepararse
to get dressed vestirse
to get sick enfermarse
to get scared asustarse
to get worried about preocuparse por/con/de
to get busy with ocuparse de
to fix yourself on fijarse en
to be found hallarse, encontrarse con
to meet with friends reunirse con
to lye down acostartse
there is, there are hay que
to have to tener que
going to ir a
to have just acabar de
to be able to, can poder
to know how to saber
to want to querer
to need to necesitar
should, ought to deber
to hate to odiar
to prefer to preferir
to try to tratar de
to stop doing something dejar de
to start doing something comenzar a, empezar a
to feel like, have the urge to tener ganas de
to dream of sonar con
to hope to, expect to esperar
to learn to aprender a
to teach, show how to ensenar a
to insist on insistir en
to usually soler
to do something again volver a
to intend to pensar en/de
to consist of consistir en
to help to ayudar a
to hesitate to vacilar en
to decide to decidir
to be pleasing to someone (to like) gustar
to be enchanting ( to love a thing) encantar
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