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Spanish 2 Final Exam

What artistic styles did Salvador Dalí contribute his works? Surrealism
Where was Dalí born? España
What did Dalí do to get expelled from school? He questioned his professors' credentials.
What is the name of one of Dalí's famous paintings that depicts melting clocks? The Persistence of Memory
What is the definition of the word Afro-Latino? A Latino of African ancestry
The Dominican Republic is the only Hispanic country that didn't gain independence from Spain, but rather. . . Haiti
Which two nations encompass the island of Hispaniola? Haití and La República Dominicana
In the text 'Colorism in the Carribean' what does the term 'passing' refer to? It refers to a person of color to be perceived and accepted as a white.
In the selection 'Colorism in the Carribean' many Dominican women felt pressures to _____________ their hair. Straighten
What is the name of the Cuban poet, essayist, journalist, and political theorist that fought against the Spanish occupation in Latin American countries? José Martí
In José Martí's selection 'Our America', what does America refer to? All Latin countries in the Americas
What is the name of the newspaper that Martí created? La Patria Libre
What is the name of the famous patriotic song that was adopted from Martí's poetry? Guantanamera
The Cuban Missile Crisis was an international diplomatic dispute that involved Cuba, the United States, and ? USSR
Who served as the president of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Kennedy
What type of government was/is present of the island of Cuba? Communism
Who was the leader of Cuba before Castro seized power? Batista
How far away is Cuba from the coast of Florida? 90 miles
When did Hurricane María make landfall in Puerto Rico? September 2017
Puerto Rico is a _________ of the United States territory
The last Puerto Rican statehood referundum had a voter turn-out of _______% ? 23
Puerto Rico is exempt from ____________, but it still pays Social Security, Medicare and local taxes. Federal taxes
In the Spanish-speaking culture most people have two last names. Which name comes first? The father's last name
Most of the Hispanic communities in the United States are of _____________ descent. Mexican
Selena was a famous _____________ singer. Tejana
What is a bajo sexto? Una guitarra
What is a quinceañera? La celebración/fiesta en que se celebra el cumpleaños de una chica de quince años Una chica de quince años
What is a conquistador? Conquerer
Tenochitlan was the capital of the ____________ empire. Aztec
Who was the ninth ruler of Tenochitlan? Montezuma II
What is the name of the Spanish leader that led to the demise of the Inca Empire? Francisco Pizarro
The conquistadores regarded the native population as __________? Savages
What gave the Spanish an advantage in conquering the Aztecs? Horses and guns
Created by: jordynnanyeaa